Thursday, 28 March 2013

I had the strangest dream: is it worth using dream analysis?

Have you ever wondered about dream analysis? Are you a dream interpreter? Do you know what my dream means?

Dream analysis: is it useful?

I have to admit, My view of dream analysis is that it's a bit pointless. But there's a whole industry build around the analysis and interpretation of dreams. Books, DVDs, apps... Type "Dream analysis" into Google and you can be kept busy for years.

But is it actually any good? Can dreams give us clues or hints about how to better live our lives? Will analysing my dream make me a better wife, mother, blogger or accountant?

First, a bit of dream analysis history

Apparently, in ancient civilisations dreams were thought to be divine messages that only those with certain powers could understand and interpret. (Amazing what you can find out on-line, eh?) It wasn't until the end of the 19th century that dream analysis became part of psychoanalysis. The principal work of the subject is still widely considered to be Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams.

Works by Carl Jung are also considered prime reading for students of the subject.

In the 1970s the publication of do-it-yourself dream interpretation books by the likes of Ann Faraday brought dream interpretation to the masses. Now everyone could give it a whirl, if they so chose.

Modern dream dictionaries

Today you can easily look up symbols and phrases to try and understand what your dreams mean. But to be honest, I kinda think we'd probably be more successful spending the time doing something more useful, like reading to our children, washing our clothes, going to know, that boring day to day LIFE stuff that needs to be done. Maybe, just maybe, actually getting on and DOING something would be a better use of our time than spending it wading through dictionaries trying to find some hidden meaning in our dreams?

But, I am nothing if not open to suggestion and willing to consider new ideas.

Can you convince me of the worth of dream analysis?

So I thought I'd share a recent dream and see what you lot think of it. It's an honest best account of the dream as I remember it, though I am aware that in simply writing it down I will have tried to fill in gaps to make it more understandable and make more sense.

Because I am aware of this I have tried to NOT to it, so hopefully I have minimised any proof reading or editing that would adversely effect the analysis. See what you think, and feel free to let me know what you think it means!

My dream

I dreamt that a selection of people from my school (I must have been school age in this dream, but I'm not sure) were selected to take part in a special challenge. We were all sat in a room, drinking coffee, being introduced to each other, (despite me thinking to start with that I knew them) and being briefed on the project. The introductions were awe inspiring. There were internationally renowned artists and poets, Nobel peace prize winners, award winning engineers and scientists....(yes...and still of school age). And there was me.

In the dream I didn't understand why I was there. I knew I received the best grades in school (I was a swot in school; still am if I am honest) but that wasn't really standing up against the quality of the company. So I asked the leader. She explained that there would be a lot of challenges for the group to face and plenty of problem solving on the challenge, which was all hush hush and top secret and very James Bond like. She said, "what are you good at?"

I thought about it and realised that I am good at problem solving. Give me a Rubix cube and I am like a dog with a bone; I just won't put it down until it's done.

So what do you think?

I have no idea what the dream meant and if anyone fancies doing a spot of dream analysis let me know. Your interpretations are welcome. Just click on 'comments' to add yours.

Pity Mr Timberlake or Mr Buble didn't appear in my dream though. Maybe next time eh fellas?

What did you dream about last night? Do you interpret your dreams? If so, what resources do you use, and why do you do it? I'd love to hear from you. Especially if you have interpreted dreams that have told the future, or helped you with some problem.

Let's try and find out if dream analysis has a place in our yummy mummy arsenal.

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