Friday, 7 September 2012

The Ultimate Collection of Slow Cooker Recipes


It's been a week, and a hectic week it's been.  What with school, nursery and work starting afresh, my new 6am work-out routine, a new slow cooker to get to grips with and the second in the 50 Shades trilogy to read, I've been busy, busy, busy!

This month I decided to have a pause from the out of the mouths of babes monthly linky and have decided to take the opportunity to collect and share the best slow cooker recipes out there instead.  Yes, I know I have a vested interest now I have joined the slow cooker club.  But it's my website, so I get to pick!

How will it work?

Here's what to do.

If you are here looking for slow cooker recipes, enjoy!  The list below should continue to grow so please feel free to pop back another time too to find plenty of recipes for you to try.  
If you are here shortly after publication on 7th September 2012, there may not be many links listed below yet.  DON'T FRET!  Folk will add their scrummy offerings – you are just a little early!  Please, please, please pop your email address in the box on the right to subscribe to this blog.  Future posts will pop into your inbox and not only will you find useful parenting and beauty information, you'll also be reminded to pop back to this post to find a growing list of brilliant recipes!

Alternatively you can subscribe to 'comments' over on the right and get an up-date every time a fellow blogger adds their slow cooker recipe here.

If you are a blogger with a slow cooker recipe post you'd like to share click on 'click here to enter' below and add your link.
  • Please try and give the name of the dish as the title. 
  • If you could also add a comment below this post that would be great as it will automatically let other reader subscribers know that a new recipe has been added. 
  • Finally, you don't have to, but it would really help if you could add the link of this post to your recipe post so that readers can get back to the main list.  I've added a button below.  Simply copy and paste into your post and check the link remains intact.
  • If you are here with a link to share and the list has closed, then please comment, or email me, (tweet/facebook, whatever) and let me know.  If there are enough people interested in joining in I will make the linky a regular one.

Thank you all lovely readers!  I'll look forward to discovering a host of new recipes and will be trying them out and reviewing them in later posts, so make them good!  I might even pick my favourite for a special mention next month.

Look out for another out of the mouths of babes linky next month.


  1. Hi Louise - just added my meatball recipe, and have one for doing a piece of gammon/ham which I will link up too. xx

  2. Chicken Latrobe and Lamb Curry added!

  3. oooo lovely - have to get my slow cooker out and try some of these!

  4. Thanks for linking with us at No Ordinary Blog Hop. Hope you get lots of recipes to try. I was just at a site called which might be helpful for crockpot recipes. Beautiful photos too. Every blessing, Kelly

  5. Added a link to my recipe collection from our "Slow Cooker Week"

  6. Hi Louise, Kelly and Julie!

    Thanks for popping by. I am loving this collection. It's a great, cheeky, way to get started with slow cooking! :-)

    Let me know how you all get on if you try any of the recipes, and thanks for adding your link Julie; I'll go check those out.

  7. Found you on Not Your Ordinary Blog Hop and am a new follower. I am a big slow cooker fan myself, I use mine at least 1-2 times per week every week. It is a lifesaver keeping us from takeout once a week!

    Would love a follow back if you are so inclined:

    1. Hi, snd welcome! Have followed back.
      The Slow Cooker is slowly becoming part of our weekly routine. It's just so much nicer to have tea waiting for you when you get home, rather than having to frantically cook.
      Feel free to add any of your favourite recipes to the link up.

  8. Just added mine :) Can highly recommend the one Recipe Junkie has added too as I've stolen her recipe and blogged it too ;) (with her permission I hasten to add!)

  9. I saw you on Not Your Ordinary Blog Hop and was so excited! I am a new momma and hardly have time for cooking anymore it seems so a whole bunch of crock pot recipes are right up my alley! Thanks! :)

    1. Hi!
      Glad you like the collection. I hope there's plenty here to get you started. I wish I had a slow cooker when my girls were smaller. I'd have prepared veggies in the evening (when they actually did sleep), kept them in the fridge, and then, after a night of them not sleeping, been able to just throw veggies and meat into the pot ready for tea. Useful when you're sleep deprived!

  10. Visiting from Not Your Ordinary Blog Hop. The only thing I would change is to use some of our Thrive ingedients.


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