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Hi and welcome to Yummy Mummy? Really?

This blog is in the process of being re-launched, so you will see a fair few changes to the look and feel of the site over the next few weeks.  It will be bigger, better, and more fun, so please stick around, grab a latte, dunk your chocolate biscuit, and settle down for the ride.

How many personalities?

My name is Louise.  My pen-name, for the sake of writing, is Louise Imelda Shufflebottom.  And yes, you are allowed to chuckle.  Why is that my pen-name?  Because my close friends have a tendency to call me Imelda due to my obsession with shoes, much like the more famous Imelda Marcos, though I can't pretend to have anywhere near the 2,700 pairs she allegedly had.  Over 100 though, at the last count!

I spend a lot of my time poshed up in suits and my favourite Irregular Choice heels faffing around on spreadsheets as a accountant.  I started back at work full-time in November 2013 after having two gorgeous girls now aged four and six respectively.

The girls are referred to as Princess Peppa and Little Miss George; basically because they, and my hubby and I, love Peppa Pig, and because I am constantly amused at how girlie my eldest is, and how deliberately different the younger is; liking dinosaurs and playing more traditionally boys games in an effort to mark out her own personality from her sister.

I spend most of my time at home wearing the nearest clothes I can find to throw on, crawling around on my knees trying to pick playdoh out of my carpet.

When I manage to get a few minutes off the spreadsheets or carpet, I try and be a loving wife to my fabulous husband and I 'faff' around with words.

Me and Beauty

I am in a constant battle against a spreading muffin top as I adore chocolate!  I would also prefer to spend all day in my PJ's, and have to make a real effort to get glammed up. 

I didn't start wearing make-up AT ALL until I returned to work after my first maternity leave (quickly calculates on fingers) 5 years ago, so I am very new to make-up and have only this year started to get my eyebrows shaped.  They'd done a good job for the last 30 (cough) ish years, but they were finally growing a little wild.

I try and share what I am learning about beauty here on this blog.

Me and Fashion

I like to think my fashion statement is 'quiet elegance with quirk'.  I don't go for ultra fashionable, much preferring to buy clothes that are good quality and last.  I'm a massive Ted Baker fan, I stalk our local Monsoon and I love Hobbs design (though I'm a little disappointing with their quality at the moment.)

I lurrrrrrvvvvveeeeee shoes.  Did I say that already?  For posts about fashion click here.

Me and Fitness

As I rapidly approach 40 years old, I realise that I am unlikely to meet the pre-requisites required to star in a musical on Broadway; my singing voice isn't that great, I can no longer do the splits and I'm not 20 years old; so I find myself having to do home workouts (I gave up the gym as it was DULL DULL DULL) to actually stay healthy and maintain some kind of fitness.

I used to be a professional dancer, (yes really.  ask me about it and I won't shut up for hours) but stopped dancing regularly in my late twenties when I worked out that there was more money to be made adding up numbers.  I dip into the odd dance class when I can, but Derby Dance Centre is too far away (sob), so I deserve loads of sympathy.

I write about my attempts to find an exercise programme that works for me and review various work-outs in the Fitness posts here.

Me and Writing

I have always read A LOT of books and I have always created my own stories.  I have poems and children's stories and plays and manuscripts piling up.  This blog gives me an outlet for some of that pent up creativity that has to lie low when I'm faffing with spreadsheets (see above!)

To read more about my attempts at writing click here
For posts related to blogging click here
And for social networking click here 
For more information on how I can help with your writing needs, go to my Yummy Mummy? Really? Hire Me page.

Me and being a Mum

I am constantly beating myself up (mentally, not physically) for not being good enough, as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, worker and blogger.  I set high standards and then am disappointed if I don't meet them.  I promise things that I know I am going to find difficult, risking letting people down.  I always have a pile of ironing on the go.  I don't clean my bathrooms nearly often enough.

But I do read bedtime stories with my two girls, play shops and schools and hospitals, bake cakes, decorate cakes (and the floor), take them swimming, to gymnastics, to play dates and parties.

For a variety of posts on topics such as:-
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Toddler tantrums
  • Activities, crafts and baking
  • Cheap days out
  • Family holidays
Then click here for the MUMMY page. 

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