Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ted Baker flip flop favourites

I only have a quick post today, and it's pictorial.  After all, these speak for themselves.  What lovelies..... Yummy.

Friday, 21 June 2013


It's only in the last couple of years, since Internet shopping really took off, that I heard about subscription boxes.

To start with it was 'fruit and veg' boxes, for those healthy eaters too busy to get to the local supermarket. Then came more refined meals in a box, for those of us watching calories and not trusting our own cooking. 

More recently it has been Beauty boxes. A great way to sample a selection of new beauty products, with the lovely advantage of a) the contents each month genuinely being a surprise and b) actually getting mail through the door, which, regardless of email, Twitter and Facebook, we all still get a kick out of. 

But what if you fancy trying more than just beauty products? What if you want a bit of beauty and a bit of luxury foods and, well, just a bit of a luxury surprise. 

Boxdelux has it covered. The June box arrived in a gorgeous black box, tissue paper-lined, with the following surprises:

Revitalash sample – worth £30
Ultrasun lip balm – worth £6
Ultrasun Factor 30 15ml – worth £2.85 (£19 per 100ml)
Aden Cosmetics Nail varnish – 3 pots in varying colours – all 3 are worth £7.50
Aden Cosmetics Lip Gloss - £6
Nakd Bar x 2 – 85p each so worth £1.70
We Are Tea tea bags x 2 – worth £2 together
Propercorn (varying flavours) – worth £1

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Superman: and what a man of steel he is..

The new Superman film is out this weekend.

It is seemingly a franchise that will never end.  The first film, back in 1978, was the start of film after film celebrating the flying comic book hero. 

Being a girl, I preferred the spin off SuperGirl film, starring Helen Slator, and the fact that I didn't need to look up her name will tell you she was recognisable to me in my favourite 1980s film, The Secret of my Success. (I am showing my age there, aren't I.)

What I find fascinating about the Superman film, and the Batman films and all other accompanying superhero films;  be it Captain America, IronMan, etc; is the perpetual prominence of male super heroes in these tales.

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