Friday, 8 November 2013

Dance Workout DVDs: A Fame Dance Workout

I absolutely love dancing. The only time you will see me being remotely energetic will be on the dance floor, when I will stomp to the beat so expressively it's a wonder the floor withstands it.

But as I age I find it more and more difficult to get all my exercising needs from dancing. Dancing the night away half cut on Alcopops is a nightly experience reserved only for University years, and will not be repeated as I approach 40 years old.

The 2 hours a day of dance class I was taking in my youth is a memory swiftly fading, and is only possible for youngsters will no bills to pay and no children, or other family members, to support.

You fabulous readers know I work full time, have two amazing daughters (7 and 5 now... Doesn't time fly), and fill most of my remaining hours faffing about online and writing this blog.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Personalised picture books for Christmas

Desperately searching for a different Christmas present for your children, family or friends?

Don't want to bend to peer pressure and just purchase the most popular toy of the year?

Or maybe just fancy something that little more long-lasting than plastic toys or clothes they will grow out of?

Why not try something a bit different and choose a personalised book for your little one?

Over at Egmont your child can be the star of the story with their very own personalised book.

Choose from Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, Mr. Men or Fireman Sam.

Not only have I got a great voucher code for you; you can also win these great books here this week!

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