Thursday, 28 July 2011

The big one goes public!

We were in the dentist's waiting room this morning.  All fairly quiet.  Receptionist typing away on her keyboard.  Nice leather tub chairs. Coffee table sporting the usual magazines and this morning's paper.   Other parents with children that all all speaking interestingly quietly.  The volume definitely seems to turn down when you walk children into clinics, hospitals and dentists.  Why is that?  It was all very civilised.

We'd arrived early having also hit the doctors surgery this morning., so the girls were looking a the children's books and toys provided in a waiting room 'toy-box'.  All's well so far.

Eldest daughter:  "Is it our turn yet mummy?" 

"No, luv.  We were a bit early.  It won't be long though"

Youngest daughter, now 3, stands up and starts peering around the room intently.
"Mummy..." she says.  Far, far more loudly that the volume we've already established is appropriate for this type of venue...  "Where's the cock?"

"They haven't got a cLock here luv..." I say, speaking uncannily like Ros in Friends, with a need to stress every single letter and trying not to catch the eye of the receptionist.

It was only a matter of time before she went public!

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Tip for New Yummy Mummys

Does anyone read the 'Times'?  If so, you might have noticed this weekend's piece on Tracy Anderson.  Dubbed the, and I quote, "patron saint of celebrity fitness", she trains various actresses and celebrities (Madonna being a previous client) using her 'Method'. 

What struck me about the article was that it told me nothing useful about how to start to apply any of her 'Method'.  In fact it told next to nothing about what the method actually entailed and since it appears that you have to train for 1 hour every day on her 'Method'.  I'm extremely sceptical.  I'm sceptical for the same reason that I'm sceptical about those diets that involve drinking milkshakes for 2 of your 3 meals a day.  And that reason is something called "common sense".

In my mind, it wouldn't matter if I was doing Jane Fonda's original workout from the 80s (a classic I should point out), or the New York City Ballet Workout, or even just jumping up and down in my lounge randomly for an hour.  Doing strenuous exercise for an hour a day would make anyone look pretty good.  Even me.  And I don't need to spend the annual fee of $1500 plus a monthly fee of $900 to do that. (Tracy's gym rates apparently!) 

It's in the same way that if I replace 2 of my meals with a milkshake, and not even a special "costs-an-arm-and-a-leg" milkshake, just one I've made at home, with milk, fruit and a fast moving whisk, would definitely reduce my calorie intake such that I'd loose weight temporarily.

So my tip for health and fitness is this.  Exercise when you can; use stairs not lifts, walk to school or work on the odd occasion, eat a little of what you fancy, with lots of variety.  And if the weight's piling on; you need more exercise and less TV.  It's not Rocket Science.  Is it?  

The Sleep Experiment.....

...grinds to an almighty halt.  It's not that I haven't got the desire to sleep well, it's just that the theory of sleep patterns and cycles requires a consistency of bedtime that is just not that easy if you want to have something resembling an actual life.  I'm getting up at 6.30am every morning and my Lumie light is helping to bring a consistency to the time that the sun comes up.  But my bedtime is ranging from 9.30pm on days when I just can't keep my eyes open anymore, to midnight on those days when I've been working, the children have gone to bed fairly late, I've not had tea (or dinner depending on whether you come from the north or south of the country) until late, but I still just want that free half an hour to myself.  A clear block of time to enjoy a glass of wine and maybe, if I'm lucky, catch a decent bit of TV. 

Not you might argue that it's up to me to pull my weight and put in the effort required to be consistent at bedtime if I want to enjoy the fruits of consistent and refreshing sleep.  Well yes.  But this month's not really been the time to focus on it.  You see, those of you who have been regular visits to this page for a while might know that I am something of a dancer.  Or at least I was 15 years ago and despite my body's protests my brain still believes it now. 

So 6 months ago I found an advanced Jazz and Tap class for adults in my area and I jumped at it.  The fact that they were gearing up for their 2-yearly show at the local theatre made it even more enticing.   And before my husband knew it he was being single-dad for 3 Saturdays on the trot for dress rehearsals and for 3 evenings of the show from 6pm until I finally got home at 11pm all excited with adrenaline still pumping from the experience of dancing in front of a sold out theatre of over 500 people. 

I absolutely had a ball.  And we are already back into weekly classes learning new routine for next time.  So with all the good intentions in the world, sometimes life just takes over.  And I'd much rather be reaching for the coffee and living life, than being a wide awake and refreshed bore.

So I'll try and be consistent.  When I can.  And in the meantime, let me know if you find that consistent bedtimes and wake up times makes any difference....!

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