Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Tip for New Yummy Mummys

Does anyone read the 'Times'?  If so, you might have noticed this weekend's piece on Tracy Anderson.  Dubbed the, and I quote, "patron saint of celebrity fitness", she trains various actresses and celebrities (Madonna being a previous client) using her 'Method'. 

What struck me about the article was that it told me nothing useful about how to start to apply any of her 'Method'.  In fact it told next to nothing about what the method actually entailed and since it appears that you have to train for 1 hour every day on her 'Method'.  I'm extremely sceptical.  I'm sceptical for the same reason that I'm sceptical about those diets that involve drinking milkshakes for 2 of your 3 meals a day.  And that reason is something called "common sense".

In my mind, it wouldn't matter if I was doing Jane Fonda's original workout from the 80s (a classic I should point out), or the New York City Ballet Workout, or even just jumping up and down in my lounge randomly for an hour.  Doing strenuous exercise for an hour a day would make anyone look pretty good.  Even me.  And I don't need to spend the annual fee of $1500 plus a monthly fee of $900 to do that. (Tracy's gym rates apparently!) 

It's in the same way that if I replace 2 of my meals with a milkshake, and not even a special "costs-an-arm-and-a-leg" milkshake, just one I've made at home, with milk, fruit and a fast moving whisk, would definitely reduce my calorie intake such that I'd loose weight temporarily.

So my tip for health and fitness is this.  Exercise when you can; use stairs not lifts, walk to school or work on the odd occasion, eat a little of what you fancy, with lots of variety.  And if the weight's piling on; you need more exercise and less TV.  It's not Rocket Science.  Is it?  

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