Thursday, 28 July 2011

The big one goes public!

We were in the dentist's waiting room this morning.  All fairly quiet.  Receptionist typing away on her keyboard.  Nice leather tub chairs. Coffee table sporting the usual magazines and this morning's paper.   Other parents with children that all all speaking interestingly quietly.  The volume definitely seems to turn down when you walk children into clinics, hospitals and dentists.  Why is that?  It was all very civilised.

We'd arrived early having also hit the doctors surgery this morning., so the girls were looking a the children's books and toys provided in a waiting room 'toy-box'.  All's well so far.

Eldest daughter:  "Is it our turn yet mummy?" 

"No, luv.  We were a bit early.  It won't be long though"

Youngest daughter, now 3, stands up and starts peering around the room intently.
"Mummy..." she says.  Far, far more loudly that the volume we've already established is appropriate for this type of venue...  "Where's the cock?"

"They haven't got a cLock here luv..." I say, speaking uncannily like Ros in Friends, with a need to stress every single letter and trying not to catch the eye of the receptionist.

It was only a matter of time before she went public!

If this post completely lost you, you may need to do a little back reading - just a paragraph...  click here!

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