Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cambrils Park Holiday Review - Sunny Spain!

Just got back from two weeks in sunny Spain. This year we were struggling to find somewhere that could beat the brilliant family holiday we had last year in Menorca (Santa Tomas if you're interested). Last year's holiday involved a three bedroom apartment; so that Grandma and Grandad could come along; a brilliant splash pool of about 40cm deep with slides and squirters, and a 10 minute walk to the beach. OK make that 5 minutes!

How could we beat that?

My friend recommended Eurocamp. On the basis of our stay in Cambrils Park (between Cambrils and Salou on the Costa Dorada), she'll be promoted to best friend! It was brilliant. The site is immaculate. There are gardeners constantly watering the grass, trimming the hedges, planting, painting fences. General maintenance done with real pride. We wimped out and stayed in one of the Aloha bungalows rather than a tent! A 2 bedroom one for us. Another 2 bedroom one for the Grandparents, just opposite. Kitchen/Lounge area. Bathroom (with bath! And shower over). Microwave. Satellite TV (All in Spanish, but we could watch the World Cup on it!). Fridge/Freezer. An abundance of fresh towels and bedlinen seemingly every other day (though I think it's twice a week).

Then there's the pools. We basically ignored the main pool. Though it's more than sufficient, with a small baby pool just next to it, and a couple of slides into it. It's next to the main restaurants, where the entertainment takes place on a large decking area in the middle of the pool.

The pools we spent our time around were the batch of three pools down between the southerly reception and the main pool. Here you find a splash pool (0.4m) with 4 enormous elephants squirting water, a dragon slide, 3 other slides and other sprayers, all brilliantly sized for the elder who has recently turned 4. It even has a small roped off area where the younger could toddle about in the water up to her waist away from the slightly more boisterous little ones.

And that's just the start! Adjoining that pool is a 1m deep pool suitable for adult swimming or supervised children swimming with inflatables etc. across from this duo of delights was the new Pirate ship pool. A Lagoon style pool with sloped entrance, and 2 smaller slides for toddlers (depth about 0.6m at bottom of these slides), then up the deep end there was a water flume and a large wide slide coming off the pirate ship.

If that wasn't enough, there's a pool designed for adults (but still with shallow entrances) with jacuzzi style sections for relaxing if you get a minute!

Frankly, between the pool and the beach (about 10 minutes walk down the hill and over the railway line), I'm amazed we went anywhere else. But we did. The Roman capital of Spain, Tarragona, is lovely, and the girls loved the tourist choo-choo train, which took us round the main sites with an audio commentary if you want it. Another tourist train at Salou kept us and the girls happy, and huge markets at all the local towns were full of cheap, but decent quality shoes, clothes, handbags... basically a girls heaven.

And not wanting to quite move away from the subject.... the markets all had 'bra' stalls. Decent bra's for 2 euros. Once I'd worked out the translation of my size into European, and tried them on over my clothes, just like the locals, I bought 3! And considered seriously stocking up. If it wasn't for that pesky baggage allowance I would have!

So, if you're stuck for a holiday... get yourself down to Cambrils Park. We booked direct with Eurocamp (over the phone!) and booked a cot, highchair and potty (all free). Then we booked flights separately with RyanAir direct from Birmingham to Reus. In this case RyanAir was particularly brilliant because, although they tend to call Reus a "Barcelona" airport (even though it's 200km away) Reus is actually a lovely town about 15 minutes drive from Cambrils. So perfect!

Friday, 18 June 2010

The Bra Saga Continues........

Ok, so I´m resigned to the wierd hooks that we universally use to adjust our bras. But I´ve beaten them. Or they´ve beaten me. Depends on your point of view! I´m wearing standard bras, under little vests, with the halterneck dresses on top. It´s layering used to effect. And it´ll certainly do for now.

Or at least it would do. If it weren´t for the fact that my favourite two bras (same design, different colours, La Senza), hadn´t both decided to pop their respective wires out within a day of each other.

And before you say it... I know. I´ll just have to avoid wearing those underwired styles.

But I love those underwired styles. I only stayed out of those underwired styles for my two bouts of pregnancy and breastfeeding, just as recommended. And as soon as I could, I was back in them.

And why should I have to avoid them? Is it that difficult to design some that retain their wires for a certain guaranteed period. Perhaps they could sell them on that basis. You know..... like cars.... guaranteed for three years, or they´ll replace for free.

Maybe the world is against me wearing bras at all! I hope not. I´m not eighteen or a full-time dancer anymore!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Bra is driving me crazy!

This week I have learnt that; in order to be a Yummy Mummy; a decent bra is paramount. I have bought a couple of new summer maxi dresses. Yes, I know. This is my pathetic attempt at being on-trend, and vaguely with-it, this summer.

My problem is simple. Both of these new purchases require non-standard bra fittings. I have a multiway bra, so I figured that this wouldn´t be a problem. I couldn´t have been more wrong.

Last time I used the bra in question it was in the usual style. So, last night, I´m sat there, one year old fidgetting next to me, trying to unhook one of the straps, in order to reattach it to the other strap, to create the halterneck.

Ten minutes it took me. Just to undo it. Another ten to ram it into the other slot. Only to discover, once I finally got the thing on, and thrown the dress over the top, that the dress I´d opted for actually wasn´t a proper halterneck, and had a partial back in it. I needed to adjust the straps again, to cross-over at the back. Ok, so that was my mistake. But being constantly distracted is a usual state of being for most mummys. So surely the bra should be designed with ease of use in mind?

More fiddling....

By this time, the one year old had had enough, was bored, and was trying to pull the bra out of my hands whilst I´m trying to fix the thing back together. That made it easier.....

My question today is this. Who invented those bra hooks that look like they will easily just slot in and out, but actually, because of the thickness of the material involved, and the extreme hook shape, require pliers just to get them on and off?

And in what world do yummy mummy´s actually have the time to be messing about with them?

It´s just a thought, but press-studs anyone?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Race for Life!

On Sunday I took part in the Nottingham Race for Life in support of Cancer Research UK. It's the first time I've ever took part in something like that. I'm very excited about my medal! More excited than I expected to be!

Alright, so I didn't run it all. But I ran at the start, walked at top pace throughout, and ran the last stretch, completing the 5 km in 43 mins. And so far I've raised £150... not bad. Thank you to everyone who's sponsored me. If you haven't yet, and would like to contribute to my fundraising effort, please visit http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org. (link now closed)

I'm aching a lot more than I thought I would. Reminds me how unfit I am. But then I suppose, when I haven't been to the gym in weeks due to illness, I can't expect much else. And when I do go, I manage once a week if I'm lucky.

So I have a question. How do mums find time for exercise? Those of you who manage it; could you please share your secrets!

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