Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Bra is driving me crazy!

This week I have learnt that; in order to be a Yummy Mummy; a decent bra is paramount. I have bought a couple of new summer maxi dresses. Yes, I know. This is my pathetic attempt at being on-trend, and vaguely with-it, this summer.

My problem is simple. Both of these new purchases require non-standard bra fittings. I have a multiway bra, so I figured that this wouldn´t be a problem. I couldn´t have been more wrong.

Last time I used the bra in question it was in the usual style. So, last night, I´m sat there, one year old fidgetting next to me, trying to unhook one of the straps, in order to reattach it to the other strap, to create the halterneck.

Ten minutes it took me. Just to undo it. Another ten to ram it into the other slot. Only to discover, once I finally got the thing on, and thrown the dress over the top, that the dress I´d opted for actually wasn´t a proper halterneck, and had a partial back in it. I needed to adjust the straps again, to cross-over at the back. Ok, so that was my mistake. But being constantly distracted is a usual state of being for most mummys. So surely the bra should be designed with ease of use in mind?

More fiddling....

By this time, the one year old had had enough, was bored, and was trying to pull the bra out of my hands whilst I´m trying to fix the thing back together. That made it easier.....

My question today is this. Who invented those bra hooks that look like they will easily just slot in and out, but actually, because of the thickness of the material involved, and the extreme hook shape, require pliers just to get them on and off?

And in what world do yummy mummy´s actually have the time to be messing about with them?

It´s just a thought, but press-studs anyone?


  1. Why not try those wonderful stick on bras?!? No hooks, no straps!! It's a delight peeling them off after a night out!!! lol

  2. Would love to hun... but I haven´t found my size in those yet. If you manage to find 34Es, let me know!


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