Friday, 18 June 2010

The Bra Saga Continues........

Ok, so I´m resigned to the wierd hooks that we universally use to adjust our bras. But I´ve beaten them. Or they´ve beaten me. Depends on your point of view! I´m wearing standard bras, under little vests, with the halterneck dresses on top. It´s layering used to effect. And it´ll certainly do for now.

Or at least it would do. If it weren´t for the fact that my favourite two bras (same design, different colours, La Senza), hadn´t both decided to pop their respective wires out within a day of each other.

And before you say it... I know. I´ll just have to avoid wearing those underwired styles.

But I love those underwired styles. I only stayed out of those underwired styles for my two bouts of pregnancy and breastfeeding, just as recommended. And as soon as I could, I was back in them.

And why should I have to avoid them? Is it that difficult to design some that retain their wires for a certain guaranteed period. Perhaps they could sell them on that basis. You know..... like cars.... guaranteed for three years, or they´ll replace for free.

Maybe the world is against me wearing bras at all! I hope not. I´m not eighteen or a full-time dancer anymore!

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