Friday, 8 November 2013

Dance Workout DVDs: A Fame Dance Workout

I absolutely love dancing. The only time you will see me being remotely energetic will be on the dance floor, when I will stomp to the beat so expressively it's a wonder the floor withstands it.

But as I age I find it more and more difficult to get all my exercising needs from dancing. Dancing the night away half cut on Alcopops is a nightly experience reserved only for University years, and will not be repeated as I approach 40 years old.

The 2 hours a day of dance class I was taking in my youth is a memory swiftly fading, and is only possible for youngsters will no bills to pay and no children, or other family members, to support.

You fabulous readers know I work full time, have two amazing daughters (7 and 5 now... Doesn't time fly), and fill most of my remaining hours faffing about online and writing this blog.

But somehow, despite all other commitments, from September I am managing to carve out 3 hours a week to devote to dance classes now that a wonderful new dance centre has opened up only 10 minutes walk away from my house. How lucky am I? It's Tap on a Monday and Ballet and Dance Advance on a Thursday (Dance Advance is basically whatever dance style we happen to fancy... at the moment it's Lindy Hop)

The dancing has shown me how unfit I had become and reminded me how enjoyable it is and how less tired I feel after exercise. So, it was time to go online and find some dance based workout DVDs for the mornings before work, or the weeks when I just can't get to class on time, but still want to do something.

The availability of dance based workouts has rocketed since I last looked. I ended up buying 8. This week I tried the Fame workout for the first time.

It is brilliant.

It does what any dancer would expect of it. It has a warm up, four dance sections (do all four at once, or pick one for a shorter workout). There is a barre work section (plies and tendus... Ouch), floor work (dips, press-ups, sit-ups and leg stretches), and after all the stretching, a re-energiser section to get you moving again to start the day (a genius addition).

The whole work-out lasts 70 minutes, but you can miss out some of the dance sections to shorten it.

The dance sections are high energy and keep moving, so it's not like some dance workouts where you are slowly learning some moves and hardly get a sweat up. Here you don't hang around. He teaches two bars of eight at a time, so you need to be a dancer and good at picking up moves to get into this. It is definitely a workout for dancers and not wannabe dancers.

It is perfect for me. It got me moving to great music and focussed on those parts of the body we all want to improve on, bingo wings and the mummy tummy! A great addition to the workout collection.

Join the fun and get the Fame workout on Amazon and banish those bingo wings whilst having fun!



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