Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Ion Sound Splash Bluetooth Waterproof speaker: a review

ion sound splash Bluetooth wireless speaker
I love music. I shower everyday. How great to be able to maximise the joy that is iTunes Match on my iPhone by listening to it perfectly safely in the shower.

I love this gadget. It's my new favourite piece of tech. Simple, smart, pleasing to the eye. You can even, if you were super sad, answer the phone using it. Thankfully video calls wouldn't work.

It takes less than 30 seconds to read the 3 steps involved in pairing it to your phone.

Basically press a couple of buttons and you are on.

I left my iPhone in the bedroom, got in the shower, turned on the Ion Sound Splash and pressed play. It started playing where I last left off. Brilliant. I need to keep testing the range, but the Bluetooth connection is pretty darn good.
You can play and pause the song and also control the volume. You can't skip tunes though, so make sure you have a shower playlist, or album, ready.

It is big enough to provide good sized buttons and a speaker that can easily cut through the sound of the water. It's small enough to hook happily on my shower unit and not get in the way.

I'm seriously considering purchasing a second one, to save having to re-pair with my iPhone after my husband has been using it with his. But it only takes a second, so maybe that really is lazy?

It's brilliant.

Are you listening Santa, cause all my readers now want one? Handy tip... Forward this post to your other half, or sister, or mum. What's December for if not for hinting?
Ion waterproof wireless speaker from John Lewis
Why not get your own with the added comfort of top class customer service and a price guarantee that you can only get from John Lewis stores. They retail at £49.95 with a 2 year guarantee.

What they say

" Using Bluetooth wireless technology, Sound Splash gives you all the controls you need to enjoy your music while you relax in the water, whether you're in the shower, on a boat, by the pool, or relaxing in your hot tub. It's perfect for streaming music from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices and more.
Key benefits:
  • Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player
  • Answers phone calls wirelessly from any Bluetooth smartphone
  • Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices and more
  • Large easy-to-use controls for music playback and answering phone calls
  • Level IPX4 waterproof: protected against splashing water from any angle
  • Suction cups included for attachment to shower wall
  • Built-in rechargeable battery "

An Ion Sound Splash Bluetooth waterproof speaker was provided for the purpose of this review. Views are the authors own and entirely objective. In other words, I only rave about stuff that I feel deserves it, and I love this!


  1. I actually hang mine just outside of the shower (away from the water) because I worry about the hook rusting. I can easily reach out of the shower to adjust the volume if needed, so it's great. The battery life is fantastic. I've had it 4 months and charged it twice, and there's been a couple occasions where I've left it running for hours at a time (like when I clean the bathroom and rooms around it).

    Unfortunately, despite having only charged it twice it no longer works. It appears the connector is now loose and can't make a connection to charge the battery. I expected much better quality for the price and am pretty disappointed.

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