Wednesday, 18 December 2013

7 ways to NOT be late in the mornings

So there are only 7 sleeps until Christmas, and I don't know about you but time is really of the essence right now.  With nativities to attend, presents to wrap, parties to attend (alright, "party", let's not get over excited) and endless chores to get done saving a minute here or there can make a real difference.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how early you set your alarm, or how prepared you think you are, the universe conspires against you to make you late.  It only takes a split second to miss your train, or bus, or tube and often that will make the difference as to whether you make your meeting, or gets the children to school on time, or make your first pilot-training session... Who knows right?

So how do you save time?

1. Reduce the travelling.  By this I mean, the numerous times you end up charging backwards and forwards through your apartment, or up and down the stairs of your house to fetch lippy, your purse, your phone.  It sounds obvious but have a place for everything that makes sense and always put things back where they live.

2. Pack your handbag the night before. It's like being back at school isn't it? But it works. If you mess about swoping handbags around in a morning you will be a) late and b) annoyed you left something in the other bag.

3. Plan your wardrobe the night, or even weekend before. If your dresses, shoes and accessories are lined up ready to go, there's no need for a last minute panic that those shoes don't suit that top, or that favourite blouse is in the wash. Ideally do it at the weekend so you have a selection of prepared outfits that you can pick from depending on weather. 

4. Set your alarm for the same time every day... Even at the weekend. Eek! Yes, I can hear your screams from here, but trust me. If your body gets used to a consistent get up time you'll find you are wide awake and raring to go in the mornings.  You must ensure to actually go to bed when you are tired for it to work though, and it will take a couple of months to work. But boy, is it worth it. From 'sluggish grunts' to 'Tah-dah' in the mornings. 

image.jpeg5. Don't do tasks that are unnecessary in the mornings. Painting your nails? Do that in an evening. Accepting phone calls? Set to 'do not disturb' until your day officially starts. Checking emails? Wait until you are successfully on the bus/tube and check them then (the free WI-FI is an added bonus - chi-ching)

6. Use an open make-up carrier instead of an enormous make-up bag. No need to rummage through your stuff to find what you need. Just ensure your stock pieces; foundation, concealer, beauty balm, favourite mascara and lippy are all lined up with your brushes. Call an end to frantic rummaging!

7. Check your kitchen layout.  If you always have a coffee in the morning but the kettle is the opposite side of the kitchen to your tap, and the coffee and cups are in opposite cupboards, you may want to rearrange.

Cups, coffee, sugar and kettle should ideally be as close to the tap and fridge (for the milk) as possible.

Remember; keep it streamlined. Every second counts. You could even pop that coffee in a carry out thermos. 

Then saunter out of the door immaculate, well fed and on time.


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  1. 'Saunter out the door immaculate...' Haha! Some great tips though and some I swear by. I don't wear make-up to work, which saves me at least ten mins, my kettle, teabags (we don't drink coffee unless are guests are) and sugar are all by the kettle (Mushroom gets the milk, he likes that it's his 'job') and I always have my bag packed the night before! I still always forget something though! But at least I'm (usually) on time, if not immaculately presented ;-)

    1. Sounds like you've got it pretty much covered! Well done. They are simple things that make a big difference. And I'm sure you look great! :)

  2. My SIL suggested I get myself ready before getting the kids up - that's been a life-saving piece of advice.


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