Saturday, 15 June 2013

Superman: and what a man of steel he is..

The new Superman film is out this weekend.

It is seemingly a franchise that will never end.  The first film, back in 1978, was the start of film after film celebrating the flying comic book hero. 

Being a girl, I preferred the spin off SuperGirl film, starring Helen Slator, and the fact that I didn't need to look up her name will tell you she was recognisable to me in my favourite 1980s film, The Secret of my Success. (I am showing my age there, aren't I.)

What I find fascinating about the Superman film, and the Batman films and all other accompanying superhero films;  be it Captain America, IronMan, etc; is the perpetual prominence of male super heroes in these tales.

It doesn't matter how much the feminists shout about it, the truth of the matter is that there is much more box office sway to be had with male super heroes.  The ticket sales make a strong case.


 Because both men and women will watch hero movies. The men, wishing they were the hero themselves (what number James Bond movie are we on now?) and the women, swooning over their ultimate testostone fuelled, maiden saving arm candy.  But what man would happily go and watch a new SuperGirl film? (And I mean a family film.  Please kindly keep it clean)

Lets face it, we might want a right to earn equal pay for equal work, and to be respected with views equally as valid as male views; but our cave girl genes still hanker after a strong man to protect us, and our babies, from harm.   

Now where is that Man if Steel cinema ticket?  I have some swooning over Henry Cavill planned.


  1. Lois is actually an awesome character in Man of Steel, she's the primary plot driver of the whole film, she's not over-sexualized, and she's stunningly capable without superman's help.

    I don't think the film passes the bartle test, but between this and Iron Man 3, I think super hero movies are finally beginning to mature beyond adolescent male fantasy.

    1. Sounds good. Still haven't managed to get around to seeing the darn film yet though... Planned trip failed. Pants. (Not superman's obviously)

      Even more keen to get there now...
      Thanks for the information. Sounds great. :-)


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