Saturday, 20 March 2010

5 minutes to go.....Life moves pretty fast

I always seem to be running late at the moment!

Working, looking after two toddlers and trying to get to Pilates at least one a week, is proving challenging. I have never known time fly by so fast. (That seems to be a running theme with me doesn't it!) Anyone my age will remember the classic film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Still a favourite of mine. I sadly know most of the script, I've seen it that often. One line always stikes a chord with me. "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

So I'm trying to take moments to 'look around'. Though it's not helping me keep up to date with this blog I'm afraid! Sorry.

Report card for the first quarter of 2009-10: "Must try harder...."

Anyhow, enough of the rambling. I'm off to do some Saturday shopping (tap shoes!), so I'll be back with some more tips and thoughts on keeping up the yummy-mumminess soon.

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