Thursday, 29 April 2010

Make-up Discovery and Race for Life!

I've discovered that I can look vaguely awake with the Clarins True Radiance Foundation and Concealer doing their thing for me! This is a big deal. I'm now wearing Foundation! I've never (and I do mean never) worn foundation before this year. I'd never worn tinted moisturizer before a year ago for goodness sake!

So I'm definately working on this Yummy Mummy thing.

Pilates again last night. Yep - in case you'd missed it, I've joined a Gym. I don't actually go to the Gym. This does make sense, honest! It's a 'classes only' membership. So I actually only ever go in the studio and do ridiculously difficult exercises that look, on appearance, really easy.

Must be working though. I ache 'everywhere' today!

I'm also signed up for the Race for Life in Nottingham on June 6th. I'm asking for sponsorship please! All pledges welcome. I can't pretend that I'll do anything other than walk it. But it's 5 km of walking for a good cause (on a Sunday), so hands in pockets please?


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