Saturday, 11 September 2010

Trainers with a suit?

I am a great believer in practicality.  But I equally want to look good and more importantly feel good.  It's often a trade off and I'm well aware that my morning school run attire (34 inch long suit trousers tucked into socks, so that I don't trip over them whilst wearing my preferred flats at the base of my shorter legs, to drive to work, and drop off the children, before switching to the heels at work) isn't a look that most women would adopt whilst out in public.

So I was interested in the views of She magazine's senior fashion assistant, Francesca Moser, and their features editor, Anna Saunders, in their article this month " Should you wear trainers with a suit?"   (

Francesca seems to think that it's an absolute crime to put trainers anywhere near a suit.  And I agree to a certain extent, because I think 'flats' tend to do the job nicely.  But Anna's point, that you can only walk to work any distance in trainers, is completely valid.  I, personally, don't have to walk more than a few yards. 

But the issue neither of them addresses is how to deal with trousers that are deliberately long and designed to be worn with heels, during that walk to work.  I can hardly let them drag in the dirt can I?

My nickname at work is Imelda Marcos due to my, ever expanding, shoe collection.  All heels of course.  I gain confidence from my heels.  I am able to express some of my personality, whilst still wearing the pinstripe tailored look expected of an accountant. 

And whilst I absolutely wouldn't dream of getting out of the car at work without switching the flats for the heels and remembering to untuck those trousers. ( I do hope no-one from work is reading this!)  I, equally, would prefer not to break my neck in heels negotiating uneven pavements with a 1 year old in one hand and a 4 year old in the other.  So, for the school run, the strange, 'tucked in' look is, for me, here to stay. 

For me, it's one of those yummy mummy, really? moments.  How you can be yummy, and still be practical?

Ideas anyone?


  1. Lou I think your idea off trainers and suit trousers is a great artical. I do agree it doesn't look fabulous but any Yummy Mummy would know that putting your heels on later is what you intend to do. Love Cat xx

  2. You're absolutely right about heels giving confidence, I'm just happy they bring me up to the same height as my students who are 10 years younger!! I also keep a pair of flats in the car all the time to do the swap over from driving!

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