Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Out of the mouths of babes...

So we are all lined up waiting our turn for a go on the bumperboats.  These are round boats, with inflatable rings around them.  They seat two, and you use a joystick style controller with a button on the top to direct the electric motor and point the boat in the direction you want to go. 

We are at Wheelgate Adventure Park, just north of Nottingham, in the Midlands.  It's a great park for young children, with plenty of rides for them.  We've been to the park a couple of times before, but had never yet got around to a go on the boats. 

Well today was the day.  The sun was shining and the girls were being particularly well behaved making for a nice family day out.  We reached the start of the queue and the man in charge of the ride handed us two lifejackets for the girls.  I'd ride with Cheeky Monkey no.1, my husband with other youngest of our two cheeky monkeys, now approaching 3 years old.  My husband had been holding CM No.2 in his arms, but placed her back down on the ground so he could put her life jacket on.

Jackets were put on.  CM No.2 looked down at hers, a thick padded jacket which came out from her chest a good few inches.  She patted her chest with a satisfied expression.

It was fairly quiet in this queue.  I should point that out now.

CM No. 2 looked up at daddy, still patting her chest in a satisfied manner.

"Daddy,"  she shouted up.  "Look, you can't pick me up now!"
"Ok luv," he responded and asked "why?"
"You can't pick me up now, daddy, because I've got BIG boobies!"  And she giggled the cheekiest giggle and shouted to her sister.
"Look!  I've got BIG boobies!"  patting away on her chest.

Kids.... Don't you just love 'em!

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