Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Yummy Mummy's Diary

Sept 27th 2011

Weight: Over 11 stone (rubbish).  Alcohol: half a bottle of Rose (not bad - still made me slightly squiffy as not eaten much).  Number of times checked clock so not late for school pick up: 78.  Number of jobs on To Do list for today: 12.  Number of jobs completed off To Do list for today: 1.  Calories:  Not counted as suspect too many for family of four not just me.

6am: Dragged self out of bed and managed to shower without crashing into anything.  Eyes still not open during morning coffee. 

6.15am:  Manage grunt of welcome to hubby and children.  After pause to consider how rude I seem manage faint apologetic smile.  Note to self - ring bank later to pay credit card bill.

11.30am:  Fourth coffee of the morning is sooo good.  Am feeling positive after meeting with techy guy who taught our team how to make use of things like 'naming cells' and 'macros' in Microsoft Excel.  Emotions swung from indignance at cheek of anyone thinking I wouldn't know such basics, to sheer wonder at the time I could be saving for more coffee and biscuits.  Realise haven't been utilising proper reporting tools to their full effectiveness and feel quite excited about it.

11.31am:  Realise that reporting tools are being upgraded and new knowledge may be worthless before had chance to show off. Chunter to self at desk causing some disconcertion in colleagues.  Remember to ring bank but realise not lunch yet, so can't make personal calls.

4:00pm:  Have frustrating afternoon not accomplishing anything on To Do list and forgetting to ring bank.  Rush home to do it, but forget as soon as in door.

5:00pm:  Can't get online as need to renew various techy packages on system first that I don't fully understand.  It takes far longer than you'd expect having watched computers on telly, but first sip of wine takes the edge off the frustration.  Happy that hubby is home early.  Think will ring telephone banking later.

7:00pm: Got kids to bed early and hubby at Gym so start on mumschores.  Kettle on.  Washing on.  Check if computer update has finished yet (no).  Ring telephone banking and manage to sort out bills.  Hurrah! Can tick something off the list.  Tidy playroom after tripping over toys.  Empty school bags.  Read school letters and made notes in diary to remind self to: dress up eldest as an explorer on Friday for school (and take £1), complete a drawing to be turned into Christmas Cards (profits to school), sort out a harvest festival box (not too big).  Then, refilled school bags. Checked reading books, library books, pe kits, spare pants etc all packed.  Hung up earlier discarded coats.  Drank rest of glass of wine and another cuppa.  And a cake (homemade!).  And considered a biscuit.  Was strong and distracted self with emptying the washing machine.

8.00pm:  Couldn't sit on sofa without another glass of wine and a packet of crisps and realised my mother always eats crisps at night.  Am turning into her!  Mild panic followed swiftly by thought that it wouldn't be all bad.  Mum's alright afterall!

9.00pm:  Loosing magnificantly at scrabble.  Last go the best I could manage was 'Oil'.  Well what are you supposed to do with a Q, L, and a selection of vowels of which U was conspicuous by it's absence? 

9:08pm:  I strongly feel that the world is playing tricks on me.  4 Os?  Come on!! 

9:09pm:  Apparently OOR is a word.  Don't know what it means.  But it's been accepted.

9:15pm:  Just remembered I haven't practised spelling's with eldest for weekly test on Friday.  Never mind.  Have two more days left.

9:16pm:  Gaah!  Spilt wine. 

10pm:  Am gggooin to bedddybyyessss.  Nott hapyyyy.  Lost Srccaabbel.

Hmmm.  Finished reading Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason today too.  Was marvellous.  Fabulous.  Love it.

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