Monday, 24 September 2012

Breakfast at The Gallery

Tara, over at wonderful blog Sticky Fingers, has set the theme of breakfast for this weeks photo gallery.  In case you haven't come across this before, every week Tara hosts a collection of wonderful photo posts on her blog.You can click on the coffee mug at the bottom to view the collection.

Now breakfast is one theme I can easily get involved in!  I have more than one photo for this!

What would be in your breakfast photo?  Would there be food at all?  Are you a smoothie drinker? A coffee en route to work drinker? What about a bacon butty at the cafe?

I'd love to hear about your breakfast routines and whether they are complete chaos (which is usual in our house with a 6 year old and a 4 year old to contend with) or whether they are serene calm affairs.  Feel free to add a comment below, contact me on Twitter at @ymummyreally, or join the discussion on Facebook where you can share your pictures with me if you don't have a blog.

So here's my breaky photo attempts!  My favourite is, by far, the tea.  Just call me Marple.

Latest Gallery theme

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