Sunday, 14 October 2012

Staying true to yourself

For me, staying yummy is all about looking and feeling my best.  Doing the work for your self to ensure you have enough energy and sleep, that you've eaten the right foods to be healthy, and are spending your time with people that you love. 

I have always had a strong work ethic and believe you get what you put in.  That's how it's always been for me.  I used to work for myself and you really notice it when it's up to you how many pennies you are going to be carrying to the supermarket with you.  Put the work in and the rewards will follow.  It helps if you can multitask!

But it's important to stay true to yourself.  Whatever job you do you should be happy in it.  Even if you don't love it, you are happy enough to do it; take home the pay check and enjoy the rest of life; family, hobbies, films, music, books, crafts, cookery, bell ringing..... whatever floats your boat.

I am lucky enough to work within an organisation that I admire, and have been successful in obtaining a new job; a promotion; starting soon.  I am looking forward to the challenge (I'm an accountant by the way - alright, don't yawn) and I will be working hard to prove that they selected the right person for the job; which of course they absolutely did, so it should be easy to demonstrate!  I love what I do, so even though it's full-time I'm hoping it will help me stay looking and feeling my best and all the more yummy. 

But I am an eclectic individual, to say the least, and to balance me out - to feel like a rounded, whole, yummy mummy, I need creative outlets like this blog.  So today; my elder daughter, who's now 6 years old, helped me play about with a camera taking pictures of our favourite teddy bear.  What mum doesn't multitask? This was a job I wanted to do for the blog, but became a great game for her 'playing photographer' too! 

Teddy's going to become very recognisable on this blog; this is what you might call a 'teaser' post; so I thought I'd treat you to a sneak preview of one of the shots we took. 

Now that's one chilled out bear!

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  1. Hear hear! Though, my husband and I worked our socks off to make a success of our company, and we've had to wind it down recently. Gutted!


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