Sunday, 15 September 2013

Forgotten how to have fun? How to get your comedy mojo back

I distinctly remember at age 17 telling my parents that I wasn't going to get all boring when I got older. I didn't see why you should stop being silly and having fun just because you were grown up. For me this meant I absolutely planned to own a house with a fireman's pole and a helter-skelter style spiral slide from bedroom to kitchen.

Funnily enough I don't have either in my house now, and I am fast approaching 40.

I watch my 7 and 5 year old daughters running around pretending to be Batman and the Joker, giggling their heads off, and I try and remember the last time I giggled like that. The high pitched hysterical giggle that makes others smile to just hear.

I can't remember.

When the girls were babies I considered myself pretty good at playing the fool enough to get them to laugh. Now it feels like hard work. We are having a tough year as a family, but nothing I should moan about.

So to get my comedy mojo back I am planning on working on my laughter muscles. I have a plan of action. Read on to find out how....

How to have fun: Action points

  1. Firstly I have booked tickets for two comedy gigs. Expensive, so it's two in one year, but it's a start.
  2. I have dusted off some old comedy VHSs that I used to howl at (Eddie Izzard, Lee Evans) and plan to get the VHS cranked up again on a weekly basis.
  3. I will not surf or social network whilst watching comedy. I can't get the joke often when concentrating, so I need to focus on the moment to have fun.
  4. I will break into dance at a random point in EVERY day. It doesn't have to be when I'm not alone.
  5. I will practise smiling when in the car. Sounds crazy, but smiling is supposed to trigger feel good hormones, whether fake or not.
  6. I will attempt to pull funny faces at my children at least once a week and make them laugh.
  7. I will deliberately opt to do something that is embarrassing as often as opportunity arises.
  8. I will play charades more.

I am hoping that this plan of action will help me get my comedy mojo back. What do you think? Would you have me add anything else to the plan?




  1. This is just what I do! If I'm feeling low I watch comedy on TV. There's always something good on Gold late at night.

  2. i just meet up with old friends and the laughter flows because really nothing is funnier than look back at what we were like


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