Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Do adverts drive you crazy too?

If you are tempted into using them on the basis of their ridiculous statistics then you are SO

They claim 40% of customers saved up to £316.20? So by definition 60% of customers didn't save anything. That's customers, moving to them and then getting a worse deal.

And of the 40% that did make a saving the MOST they saved was £316.20. So that is supposed to convince me to bother with the company is it? Way to go!

And what about supposedly 'healthy' snacks? Barney cereals try and make their product sound better than your standard cake or biscuit by specifically stating on the advert that they have, and I quote; "healthy ingredients like flour, chocolate and eggs..." Really? The main ingredients of all chocolate cakes, biscuits and many chocolate bars? So desperate that you are quoting the staple ingredients of flour and eggs and selling them as the healthy option. Healthy? Relative to what exactly? Compared to the sugar also in there?

Any and all beauty and hair care product adverts are full of made up words that are supposed to sound scientific. It winds me up that they are a) allowed to create such words and b) that we are so fooled and confused that we now either believe every scientific sounding claim, or dismiss every claim... It's crying wolf. The products with actual scientific research to support their development needn't have bothered; half of us won't believe them anyway!

Statistics.. Claims... Misdirection.... Are we really that stupid? Do you listen to these adverts and think oohhh that sounds good or is your reaction to most; how stupid!

Other examples of adverts I fast forward through:-

  • A talking parking meter and bin telling each other they are stupid. Toyota Yaris Hybrid.. Er why?
  • Pay as you go with Kevin Bacon.... A shed full of data? Really?

  • I wouldn't mind so much, but it frustrates me that, even though the market is more difficult than ever, with viewers opting to fast forward through the adverts, watching everything on catchup or record, the quality of adverts is reducing.

    Favourite ads

    There are rare exceptions. Rare examples of companies that consistently produce adverts that appeal to their customers and invite in new customers. John Lewis think carefully about their adverts. Interestingly you can spot a John Lewis advert before its revealed what the advert is for. We know the style. M&S are usually pretty good and I love the recent series of here come the girls ads by Boots.

    Do you know of any adverts that actually work? And by that I mean they make you want to use the product or service.

    What about the worst. Which ones annoy you? Please share the best and worse with us.




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