Thursday, 18 September 2014

Do you have to get dressed to go out with a pushchair?

It's 2am. Baby has been crying, on and off, all night. You know that a walk in the buggy has a good chance of sending baby off to sleep. Baby is screaming now; completely over tired. You've changed the nappy. Your baby refuses any more milk. He's been winded for hours. The walk in the buggy is your last option.

But you are in your pjamas and slippers. The perplexing quesion of the day is: Do you get dressed?

Would you bother to swap slippers for trainers? Would you whip off the PJs and throw on some jeans and a T-Shirt? Would you throw on just a dressing gown, or a coat?

And, in a world that has somehow managed to convince the fashion buying public that a onesie is a fashion statement and not (what it actually is) a large baby-grow; does it frankly matter which of the above you pick since we are used to seeing people in outfits that look like sleepwear anyway?

My personal view? Never go out in slippers, always throw on a coat or cardigan and never a dressing gown. If the PJs happen to look exactly like Yoga pants, then you can probably get away with leaving them on, otherwise popping the jeans on will take you two seconds.

Why do I think we should make the effort to get dressed before we leave the house? Because we have to draw the line somewhere; and if we are allowed to wear nightwear out on the streets with a buggy, then who's to say that we can't wear it at any time; in restaurants, at the shops? Call me old fashioned, but if you wouldn't go out in your bra and knickers; what makes you think PJs are any more appropriate?

Nightwear is nightwear. Please save it for the bedroom. And no; you will NEVER EVER see me wearing a onesie.

What do you think? Should we make the effort to at least put on proper clothes? Or has the line between night wear and day wear been well and truly erased? Do you make judgements about others that do, or don't wear onesies out in town? What judgements? Why? Would any self respecting yummy mummy ever go out in a dressing gown?

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  1. Dear Yummy Mummy,
    I think you are absolutely right. I think making yourself look presentable takes such minimal effort yet makes all the difference for how you feel. At times I feel so exhausted but I refuse to give up as I know that will only make me feel worse. Wearing proper clothes and nice makeup can really lift your mood.


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