Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Marriage Proposal Formula

The marriage proposal formula
Francesca Beauman
I was leafing through a book called "The Woman's Book: everything but the kitchen sink" by Francesca Beauman. It's been in my library for ages, and I occasionally flick through it.

It's one of these books that is, essentially, filled with completely random facts.
The random fact I came across was "The Marriage Formula".

Apparently, and I quote; "a simple mathematical formula exists to help one ascertain whether or not to accept a proposal of marriage."

It's on the basis that in Carrie Bradshaw's view; and I work on the assumption that every woman between the ages of, say, 25 and 65, know who that is; men are like taxis. They drive around all day picking up women; then one day, their light goes on all of a sudden, and boom! They are ready to get married, and will simply marry the first woman who crosses their path thereafter whom they find at least vaguely acceptable.

The formula assumes that X is the constant that the couple loves, likes and respects each other. it is reproduced above.

I did the calculation, and luckily for me, because I am really 'that' bothered about the result (obviously) our result was in the positive. According to the formula I should have married my husband. Well thank goodness for that.

I shall sleep better now.


  1. Apparently i should be marrying my other half I'll let him know maths said so ;)


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