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Amazing! The new magazine for 7+ readers that teaches the curriculum in a Horrible Histories style! Plus Give-away!


 Kids love disgusting! 

"Uuuurrrrrrggghhhhh!!! That's DISGUSTING!" were the first words from Princess Peppa, my 9 year old. (I may need to rethink her blog pseudonym now she's waaay past loving Peppa Pig). "That's COOL!" was the response from Little Miss George, the 7 year old. 
They couldn't be more different, but they both laughed, giggled, and uurrrggghhhed their way through our sample copies of Amazing! Magazine. From how to make your own edible bogie's; Yes; Really. To a guide to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar; (it's not limiting itself this one); the magazine takes a fresh look at information we want our children to learn and presents it in a fun, clever, humorous and yes, quite frankly often disgusting, way. 
It's designed to link to the primary curriculum. Want to know if you'd survive as a Roman gladiator? Find out in the Ancient Romans edition. Want to learn where and when the first false teeth are made? Check out the Human Body edition.

The brutal feedback

My girls read through both editions and their feedback was, as usual, brutally honest and to the point.
Princess Peppa read the Human body edition and loved the "Make Your Own" (robot hand) section, liked the interesting facts and trivia questions and the "have a go" suggestion to make an assault course for her school friends! She didn't like the pictures on the Bogie Bites page (hence the Urrrrggghhhh!), but did like the guide to being healthy.

The Human Body time line in her edition was towards the back of the magazine and read chronologically from right to left. Princess Peppa felt strongly it should have been at the start of the magazine and read right to left! I told you she was brutal! She also said, and I quote, "maybe change the Spot the Difference picture to something less disgusting" it was a cartoon picture of a man covered in boils! Of course Little Miss George thought that bit was hilarious!
Little Miss George reviewed the Ancient Romans edition. She said that the "Make your own" (catapult) was great, but that there should be a picture at the start to show what you are going to make, instead of having to look through the instruction pictures to the last one to see what it ended up looking like! Take note editors.

She said there were really good facts, and the headings in different places were good and made you want to read it. She liked that there's a recipe ("you can cook!") for really ancient cheesecakes! She also like that the magazine came with a large poster.

She loved the activities and in summary wrote on her notes "Really Really Fantastic!

I'm impressed with this magazine. You can tell they have the ex-editor of Horrible Histories Magazine on board. They also have writers from the Simpsons and Beano comics. It makes for fun reading.  Even I learnt some things I'd forgotten I was ever taught.  A great way to treat the kids, have a laugh, and know they are also learning.

Subscription discount and giveaway!

And if you are interested and fancy trying this magazine you are in luck! 
Not only can all my lovely readers get an annual subscription discount using code WOW10 at the checkout on the Amazing! Magazine website:, I have 10 giveaway copies to, well, give away, this week. 
To be in with a chance of bagging a copy for your children simply add a comment to this post telling us what gruesome, disgusting or just plain silly things that your children are fascinated by.

Is it bogies? Poo? (Toilet humour makes my girls howl!) Zombies? Smelly feet? Having worm pie for tea? (We don't do this... Honest!) And if you have a silly story to tell us, all the better! Comments must be made by Friday 8th April. We'll pick ten at random to win the magazine.* Good luck!

Amazing! magazine annual subscription is £49 for 12 issues (a full year).  Digital subscriptions are available from iTunes, GooglePlay and Kindle stores for £23.99.  There are also great discounts available for teachers and schools.  Check out the website at
*Editors decision is final. No cash alternatives. Magazines will be mailed out by 10th May to the winners.


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  2. I'm constantly learning what boys like as I grew up with two sisters... still find myself cringing when he says "chop your head off" or "chop your arm off" when he's being a knight/pirate!

  3. My Elsa says the same as the comment above when she's dressed as Captain Hook and then calls me a 'lily livered cod fish'! Little tinker!
    She quite rightly agrees that dog poo is eugh! She even comments on muddy leaves saying 'eugh dog poo, naughty people should clean it up!'
    My Anna is at the funny stage on words but her current favourite is 'bot bot' tapping her little bum with her hand! Cutie!


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