Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What on "EARTH" do I wear for a Girls Night Out!?

Ok.  Ok.  So it's been a while.  I am a typical mother, tied to the kitchen sink, pinny permanently attached, coarse hands from all the floor scrubbing, drawers in the lounge full of apples off the trees (for all the chutney), a veggie plot, and a chicken.  For the hubby's breakfast eggs obviously.

Hmmmm.  Yeah.  Right! 

More accurately, is that I'm a typical mother, who avoids the kitchen sink in favour of a dishwasher, always forgets to wear a pinny when cooking, and am thus forever trying to wash garlic oil out of my clothes, have embarrassingly soft hands from all the non-manual labour and hand cream and last saw a drawer full of apples at my Grandad's house 25 years ago.  Would love, but wouldn't have the time, energy, or desire to spend all day weeding.  And live in a house whose deeds specifically deny me the option of having a chicken.

And being a mother, I very rarely get a girls night out.  In fact, the last two girls night's out we had involved going to a restaurant and basically staying there until we couldn't eat or drink any more. 

So I have absolutely no idea what 30-something women are wearing for a night on the town.  I even bought the September edition of Cosmopolitan (haven't read it in years) for inspiration, since they had a "Friday Night Fever" feature, gatecrashing the getting ready routines of four different groups of girls.  Was it helpful?  In short.  No.

I can't see me going out in the Vintage gear of the first group.  I certainly wouldn't get away with the outfits of the 20-24 year old Liverpudlians.  The student's outfits I could have worn when I was, surprise, surprise, a student. And the society girls looked like they were going to a ball.  Not for a night out in a smallish East Midlands town. 

So, back to She magazine?  Er, it turns out not actually.  Since their fashion pages advocate blood orange leather jackets teamed with Vivienne Westwood orange silk trousers (tapered trousers at that).  Honestly?  To wear outside?  In front of other people?

So back to the original question.  What on "Earth" do I wear for a Girls Night Out.  I don't even know if jeans are acceptable these days or not?  Maybe I'll just start with the shoes.  If I get those right, surely the rest will just fall in line?  Help!!

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