Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Parenting Wisdom.....?

I cannot reiterate this enough.  Grandma is a genius.  Cheeky Monkey No 2 is now happily waving us goodnight each evening and settling herself down to sleep in her cot.  See my previous post for the method. Sleep & how to keep your bed to yourself 

She occasionally still wakes up in the night.  But it's not guaranteed and she will, if returned to bed in the calm way described (without talking) simply go straight back to sleep (even at 5am in the morning, and that's a first!) She's 26 months old.

And so I am at that lovely point.  The one where you feel that you've solved a parenting dilemma.  That you can actually do this parenting lark.  And fairly well, actually.  That staying up past 10pm is now a long distant dream that has returned to your world.  You want your evenings back.  You relax.  You think you can stay up until, dare I say it, closer to 11pm, and still wake up vaguely human at 6am the next morning.

That is until the next saga.  Which will no doubt hit me tonight (cynic, nah!) now I've mentioned it.  Because, you see, parenting successes are fleeting.  You win one, you move on to the next one.  Challenge after challenge, day after day.  Knowing that, however little sleep you've had, however demoralised, uncertain, lost, confused, angry, exhausted, drained, worn out; you are still happy, in love, proud, certain, amazed, stunned, excited, gleeful, and ready to face the challenge.  For in no other job are the rewards so great.  Just one smile, one hug, one "I love you mummy", and I'm back. Back in the game. 

Now what time did that film finish?  Midnight?  No problem!?

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