Monday, 28 March 2011

Baby kit I just can't do without!

There's one particular gadget that we just can't do without in our household.  We have two of them (one per child) and I'm tempted to purchase another two (one for the bathroom and one for the landing).  Each one is branded with whatever your choice of current favourite TV show might be (we have "In the Night Garden") or a particular range (and "Farmyard friends".)  They are very child safe.  Can be dropped on numerous occasions and still seem to work.  They are chargeable, but then wireless.

Has anyone guessed yet?

They are torch-style night lights.  Or night lights that transform into torches?  Click here to see an example!  Essentially they are chargeable cone shaped torches that sit, upside down, on a round base.  The light is low enough to be perfect for night time, but bright enough to facilitate a nappy change should one be required.

Because they are completely portable you can put them anywhere, and the kids can pick them up and move around safely at night.

Genius invention.  So I thought I'd share.

Discovered another one this week too.  Little straps to hold babies socks on!  Too late for me, but enjoy!

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