Monday, 14 March 2011

Getting the kids to school on time!

I have read the works of such greats as Anthea Turner, Trinny and Susannah, Nigella Lawson, in the promise that they held the key to some great secret of time.  How to save time to be exact.  One particular publication by the Trinny and Susannah team gave plenty of space to the concept of 'saving time'.  Tips on how best to pack for a holiday, get the kids to school on time etc... 

These works however, misled me.  I foolishly believed there was indeed some great secret and that every other mother in the world was quietly and gently sipping their coffee in the mornings, whilst children dressed themselves, hats and scarfs miraculously appeared on their heads, and school bags were packed full of all the paraphernalia that they seem to require these days (often including money for various trips, but sometimes randomly requiring empty boxes, spare t-shirts, or a piece of homework on 'people that help us').

Finally, after nearly 5 years of being a mother I've discovered the truth that they wished to keep hidden.  I'm really sorry to tell you that you can't 'save' time.  There is no quick fix special methodology that will enable you to do all the chores that being a mother entail.

There is though, a way of traversing the shark invested shores of motherdom in a stress free way.  And it's that way that enables you to sip that coffee whilst hot, instead of throwing it back in the microwave for the 4th time.

In short it's as obvious as the 'more exercise, less food = better fitness' equation that we all refuse to acknowledge is so simple.  The ONLY way to save time in the morning is to move the chores to some other, less time-pressured time.  Such as the night before.

Yes I know that's mumsndads time and shouldn't be further infringed upon.  But seriously, the only way to not tear your hair out throwing the children and their bags into the car on time in the morning (not literally - no need to write in) is to get their bags set out the night before with all the reading books and so forth pre-packed.  To ensure they have a clean uniform (including underwear) all ready and waiting.  To set out the hats, scarfs, and gloves in the hall ready for the last minute dash.  To get your own outfit laid out the night before so you don't throw on the first clean thing you lay your hands on (still trying to be yummy here), and to set out your shoes, makeup, contact lens etc etc, the night before.

However obsessive it may sound, however freaky you may look with your tights laid out neatly by your shoes., it sure beats tearing around the house looking for a clean pair of socks at a quarter to nine when school starts in 5 minutes.

Boring?  Yes.
Sanity saving? Absolutely.

Now where's my packed lunchbox?


  1. Hi Lou, it is sanity saving, James may only be 5 months but i HAVE to get everything ready the night before because otherwise i would never leave the house somedays!!! I even pack a spare outfit for the spare outfit and at least half a dozen bibs due to all the dribbling, all this and i may only go out for a couple of hours. So i say spread the word, 10 minutes the night before saves at least 30minutes on the day xx

  2. and it wasn't even James who needed the spare outfit last week!!! Poor mummy had to get changed! Luckily, we'd had a good day shopping! James is so cute Sarah, I can't believe how much he giggled at you!!!

  3. Now I just need to remember to do all that prep before falling asleep on the sofa after 3 hours of ironing!


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