Monday, 4 April 2011

Night cream? Day cream? Sunscreen? Beauty flash what?

Summer is on it's way and my skin isn't ready for it.  My beautician, with whom I have a healthy relationship that involves me booking appointments at the last minute around 4 times a year if I'm lucky, tells me I have dry skin on my chin and forehead.  My first thought is that it must be hitting 35 that's done it.  I always thought I had 'combination' skin, with soft cheeks and a T-zone prone to breakouts.  But apparently not.

Using tons of moisturiser at night is apparently not the done thing either.  It brings out those breakouts.

But the qualified beautician points out that using 'a small 20p piece' sized ball of moisturiser every night is definitely the way to go.  I'm afraid I have no idea what size of coin in dimes and nickels is best reflective.  But needless to say, slathering it on like sunscreen isn't the done thing.

So I'm trying.  Along with the ever increasing bedtime list of things to do - brush teeth, wash face, check all doors, move baby monitor upstairs, switch off all electrical appliances (other than the fridge obviously), check doors again, take out contact lens, clean off makeup, check on girls, ensure clean clothes available for the morning....and now slather on appropriate amount (NOT TOO MUCH) of moisturiser......  and we wonder why my hubby has taken to sending me off to bed half an hour before him, so he's got half a chance of getting to sleep without all the hustle and bustle of 'the bedtime list' keeping him awake. 

I have a feeling I'm going to have to set my alarm half an hour before his once Summer starts in earnest.  Afterall, if I've got the brush teeth, wash hair, contact lens' in, day cream, sunscreen, beauty balm, foundation, make-up to do, as well as the kids sunscreen, lip screen, sun hat........ ?

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