Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Social Network....

At the weekend I watched "The Social Network" for the first time.  It's probably the most recently produced film I've watched since I had children, which I'm disappointed at (my lack of effort in keeping up to date, not the film) as I very distinctly remember a time when I was 17years old and had watched every single film showing at the local Odeon cinema; and since we went every Friday regardless, were forced into watching one for a second time.  My time is somewhat filled these days though... and any free time we have to go out is likely to be used for a lovely meal and a few drinks, rather than watching a larger version of our telly along with a host of other strangers in seats less comfy than our own.  So it's Lovefilm.com that supply our fill of films.  And very well they do it too.

I enjoyed the film.  It made me giggle (a rare commodity) and I always like to hear real life stories.  Clever writing combined with good casting and production contributed to a film where I felt empathy for all the main characters at the same time.  Quite some feat.  It made it much less about good versus evil (an overused plot) and much more about different people with different motivations, trying to be the best they can be.

It made me think though.  About that Eureka moment that inventors have.

Do you think inventors know they've had the true Eureka moment?  Do they understand straight away the implications of the thought?  Do you think Mark Zuckerburg knew precisely what it was he had created at the moment he thought it up?  Or are there people all over the world having genius moments, but not seeing them for what they are.  Dismissing them as crazy before the thoughts have had chance to grow.  Is the trick really about going with the crazy, rather than having the idea in the first place?

If so, can someone please get around to inventing a solution to my trousers tucked into socks-trainers with a suit problem please.  My new Hobbs trousers are not looking their best on the school run!

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