Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Disney Princesses, Woody, Buzz, Eeyore, not forgetting Mickey and Minnie..... It's EuroDisney and how to survive it!!

We've just got back from four days at Disneyland Paris and am in desperate need of four days in a very dark, quiet, warm place where there's wine and pillows.

It was brilliant.  Our cheeky monkeys, are now 2yrs and nearly 5yrs respectively, are very different.  The eldest Cheeky Monkey No.1 was dead keen on meeting as many Princesses as possible.  We managed Ariel (twice), Tiana (twice), Snow White (twice), Cinderella and Wendy (does she count?).  The youngest (CM2) was more interested in Buzz Lightyear and shaking hands with Captain Hook.  I think we've inadvertently turned her into a tomboy.  She did indeed meet both, along with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Eeyore, Peter Pan, Woody, Jessie and Suzy and Perla (the mice that help Cinderella!).  And I saw Mary Poppins.... Is it pathetic to be a grown woman, and to be excited about that?

They came home with an autograph book full of signatures and had a brilliant time, including being chosen to dance with the Princesses in the Parade on our last night (just before we jumped on Eurostar to return home!)  It couldn't have been a more perfect end to the trip.

It's a place, though, that's full of potential pitfalls for the innocent traveller.  I'm going to try and post some tips over the next few weeks, to hopefully help make it the best holiday you've ever had too!

Today's Disney Tip (no. 1) - Pop out of the gates of the Disneyland park, and into the mini supermarket just inside the train station for baguettes, wine, papers, snacks, all at reasonable (sensible) prices.  The prices for food inside the park gates are high (7 Euros for one hot dog) and it's difficult to find quick food that's not an  ice cream or waffle.  All the places that sell actual food; the sort that contains something other than sugar; are all restaurants that have large queues at meal times.  (Fine if you reserve your table in advance and are ready to pay over 100 Euros to feed a family of four.)  If you can't stretch to that kind of food budget, the 5 minute walk out to the station is your answer.  You pass it going back to the hotels at any rate!

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