Monday, 23 May 2011

Disneyland Paris...More tips for survival

It's definitely worth staying in one of the official Disney hotels for the early access to the park that it provides.  From 8am until 10am the park is open for these guests, and it's the only time of the day to get on the Dumbo ride, the Carousel and the Teacups without waiting for 40 minutes in a queue.

So if you have the choice.  It's really worth it.

Also, you might want to reserve a table at the restaurant in Woody's Round Up village for 11.30am for lunch.  The characters make an appearance here, and it only opens at 11.30 - so if you are the first in the door you get exclusive access to plenty of characters.  They don't just sign your books.  They stay and dance with the children over dinner.  We had Minnie sitting at our table for a while; we danced with Mickey and Jessie and Goofy, and had big hugs with Woody.

Brilliant - and free! (other than the food of course)

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