Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Assembly Confusion! You need to take 'what?' to school?

My eldest girl (5 yrs) came home with instructions yesterday.  
Mummy.. she said in that slightly irritating whiny way that 5 year olds have perfected and which you know will precede a question that involves you doing something, or that presents you with a new complicated job to do.

Mummy…….. I need a costume for school for the Christmas assembly

OK luv, what do you need? I say overly cheerily to suppress the groan that is threatening.

I need a quilt, mummy

A quilt?  I frown.

Yes she says seeing the doubt in my eyes and nodding her little head furiously.   A quilt.  Obviously I am doubtful.  I have an image in my head of a small child swamped with her winter quilt, over her head, wrapped around her like Marys shawl in the nativity, a large belt strapping it all together Ahhhh... I think I may be on to something.

Is it to dress up as Mary?  Or a Shepherd?  I ask thinking Ive worked it out But shes not at all happy with that suggestion and I can see very quickly that she is disgusted with my apparent stupidity.

NO Mummy   At one point I think shes going to tut at me and she says very slowly and slightly loudly. We have to dress up like the Countries. 


Yes Mummy. I can tell shes getting exasperated now.  So I need a quilt.  Like they wear in bonny Scotland…………

And so it transpires that the children have been learning about the Olympics and are doing a Christmas assembly on this subject, in which my daughter is supporting Scotland.  I am not sure which made my laugh more in the next 10 minutes until I finally came up for air, the quilt or the fact that my daughter had used the word bonny.  A word we have never used in any context previously before!

Thinking about it though; itll be harder to get hold of a kilt for this assembly than it would be to supply a quilt, so maybe shes on to something!

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