Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Skin Care

So back to the main purpose of this blog, which was to help all us mummy's be simultaneously yummy.  It's not an easy task at this time of year, when the heating systems are turned on, windows are closed and the falling temperatures outside strip our skin of moisture.  So it's moisture we need, and lots of it.

For the face, I swear by Clarin's Extra Firming Day Cream (and the matching night cream!)  50ml will set you back £46 (

But I have been somewhat ensnared by Clarins products having tried their great samples (Just pop into Boots and ask if you can try out a couple of products. Our local store is usually very accommodating, and they certainly get enough sales from me as a result!)

For other great products at more sensible prices try one of these great offers.  These are products I have in my trusty bathroom cabinet and love, many of which are currently reduced.

For Body:  

For Hands:  I swear by - 
For Lips:

I get all of my beauty gear from either Boots or the local Pharmacy, Lloyds, so those are the suppliers I've linked to here.

Please note that I am completely independent in my recommendations of goods, services and suppliers, and am not paid to recommend highly any particular product, service or supplier.


  1. Winter season is total different time in the whole year especially for skin. Because in this season unless we will take care of our skin it never looks smooth or soft. It becomes dry and you will feel different. To avoid this type of problem i think we should not use any soap like thing so that it will save from drying your face. Because soap does what , it removes the oily thing from our face. But int he winter season that oily part save our skin. And we have to use the best suitable cream according to our skin type...Yonka

  2. Definately a good idea to limit the use of soap in winter months. I try and splash my face with water a lot as well; warm, not hot...

  3. Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter! I know it is a MN favourite, but for good reason! It is brilliant for the little dry patches of skin that seem to be an inevitable part of winter (for me anyhow)


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