Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Disney on Ice: A review

So is it worth the hassle to take two small children out on a Friday evening, past their bedtime, when they are worn out from a busy week, to a large ice arena?


Just remember to get organised to ensure it's the special evening you planned!

I was thrilled and delighted to win a family ticket for four from the women's on-line community website "In the Powder Room" to go and see Disney on Ice at the Sheffield Motorpoint Arena.

I had previously looked at the tour dates and prices and we'd decided that we couldn't quite afford it.  So it was wonderful to win this prize.

Despite being on a Friday evening, when the children were already worn out, they luckily managed to have a short nap en-route to the Arena, which refreshed them enough to have a great night.  Once we arrived at the car-park we had a picnic tea in the car, (what was I saying about planning ahead?) and changed them into their princess outfits (also packed in the car much earlier in the day). Rapunzel for the 5 year old, complete with long blond wig, and Snow White for the 3 year old, complete with red cape.

I'd been misled into believing it would be cold in the Arena (due to the ice rink, of course) so we went in with cardigans.  It was lucky we did.  Not because of the cold inside (it was, of course, really warm), but because it was chilly when we came out.

The show was brilliant.  It ticked the boxes easily because all eight of the Disney Princesses appeared in the show.  Yes; there are eight!  Meaning that, it really didn't matter which your child's favourite was; they were going to see her. *

There were circus skills on display; with sailors swinging from ropes (on Prince Eric's boat of course); and clowning around (who else but the Ugly Sisters); but most of all there was great professional ice dancing topped off with the most famous of all narrators; Mickey and Minnie Mouse, ably helped by Goofy.  And if this wasn't enough, the magic of the evening was supplied by none other than Tinkerbell!

This show is great fun, with something for all children (young and old) to enjoy.  Even I was open mouthed at the fire-breathing dragon (Maleficent obviously) and we cheered Prince Philip on as he leapt about with his trusty Sword of Truth.

I would have loved to have got some great pictures to show you, but we weren't ring-side.  However, if you want to see a clip, up and coming Disney on Ice shows around the world can be found at the Disney on Ice website, simply select your country and see what is currently touring.  

Other Disney Live shows in the UK can be found here

It's truly worth a visit.

And if you are visiting Disneyland Paris this summer, click here for some hints and tips to help your holiday go without hitch!

*I have since been corrected by my knowledgeable daughter who informs me that Mulan and Pochohontas were not in the show, therefore not all of the princesses appear; just most of them.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the show - who could resist 8 princesses!! I once one tickets to a Beauty & The Beast show. After reorganising work, booking hotel accomodation and driving 3 hours, my 2 kids decided the beast was "too scarey" after 5 mins and we had to leave!!!!

    1. Oh no! You poor thing. I would not have been happy. It's always a risk seeing new things with children isn't it. The first time my eldest watched Snow White she screamed when the woodcutter got his ax out. And I'd thought I'd be safe with a classic like Snow White!

      I hope you have better luck next time. Don't be deterred!


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