Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I have found the best jeans ever for mummy tummies!

Monsoon Farah Regular Jeans £45
I have discovered the best pair of jeans ever.  This is no easy feat.  I have been looking for jeans that fit me properly since, well, since I worked out that the boys in school preferred jeans to the flowery skirts I thought were trendy in the early Eighties.  

Even before I had children I struggled to find jeans that met my stringent criteria; stay up throughout the day; don't gape at the small of my back; be the right length.  I realise that these are completely unreasonable criteria.  They must be, because if they were sensible pre-requisites then the designers would have addressed them before now.  

However, it appears I am alone in my requirement to keep my jeans up on top of my hips and certainly alone in the wish that they didn't show off my pants at every possible opportunity.

Of course then I had children.  My pre-baby body was always larger at the hips, with a slim waist.  But now I have a tummy that certainly isn't concave, and so I discovered that, short of wearing braces with my jeans, I was unlikely to find any that stayed up without a belt.  

Therein lies yet another problem (I told you this was a feat) any mother that has a similar (overstretched) tummy from giving birth will know that belts, when worn on jeans that like to sit on your hip bone, are the most uncomfortable belts in the world when you try and sit down.  The belt rams itself into the folds of flesh that you wish you could magic away with 200 sit-ups a day.  Oh if only we had the time.  You end up having to hoist the jeans back up onto your waist before sitting down.  Not an attractive sight, and second only to hoisting tights up to the correct position by lifting one leg at a time into the air in an unseemly manner.

So, in a world that designs it's jeans for (so it appears) size zero models only, where would I find a pair to meet my needs?

It turns out, that I found them when I wasn't even looking.  When I had, in fact, given up the search in favour of actual trousers.  I found them at Monsoon; one of my favourite stores.   

The Farah jeans are beautiful.  They come in a short or regular length, which is great for me, as the regular is perfect.  Usually regular lengths are too short for me, and long lengths only good when I happen to be wearing 4 inch heels.

They don't gape at the base of your spine.  At all.  

They completely hide my mummy tummy.  Completely.  Without digging in at any point.  If you think they may look too high, don't worry.  They don't.  And I always wear tops that fall slightly over the top of my jeans anyway, so that's not a problem.

When I tried them on in the store I nearly cried.  I extend my heart felt thanks to the shop assistant who pointed me in their direction.

They fit!

If you have curves and usually struggle to find jeans that fit, try them.  You won't be disappointed.

I provide only one caveat.  These are 2% elastane, and so do make an attempt to slide down your hips.  You can feel them trying (if you stand up for a long stretch of time and are specifically concentrating); but they don't get far because of their shape.  I love them.  A lot.


This review is my honest opinion of jeans that I discovered in store and paid for myself.  I would be more than happy to test other products for Monsoon, should they be interested (wink).  I purchased the Farah Regular Jeans £45.


  1. Shopping for jeans is soul-destroying - so can absolutely understand how excited you must have been to find the perfect pair!
    Thanks for your help with the commenting thing btw x

    1. No problem at all. And you are right - soul destroying usually! But I am still very pleased with these. I keep thinking they'll disappoint when I put them back on; but they don't.

  2. I am off to try a pair tomorrow now. I have one pair of jeans that 'fit' since having my second child 5 months ago and find it so depressing. It's not that I am looking for a pair ro make me look slim or anything just a pair that stays above the kangaroo pouch would be nice! Thanks for the tip!

    1. I have finally managed to get a picture of me in them (see above). I hope they work for you. Let me know how you get on! :)

  3. Oh if only they did then in long! I guess my search continues...

    1. Depends how tall you are. I'm 5 foot 6 inches and the regular are great on me with pumps. Nicely long for a regular size. If I spot any others I will certainly let you know! Good luck. :-)

  4. The Mad But Merry Morton Mama17 April 2012 at 11:26

    U always come up trumps. Yet another golden nugget of helpfulness. Can't wait to get to Monsoon to try and grab me a pair (or 52!!)

  5. Wow, I need to check these out! Popping in from the Brit Mums review linky and glad I did!

    1. If it helps; I've been back and bought a second pair since! Brilliant :-)

      Thanks for popping by!


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