Monday, 27 May 2013

Party funnies!

I just had to share this anecdote from today, before the weight of Princess Peppa's 7th party day finally squishes me into sleepy land.  That sentence makes little sense as I am so extra tired its a miracle I can even type.

It was Princess Peppa's 7th birthday today.  So the day went something like; brace yourself, the anecdote needs context first; this....

Wake up with over-excited newly-turned-7-year-old one inch from face trying to wake me up at 7am.  To be fair we got off lightly there.  It's been 5.30am in previous years. 

Spend next hour enjoying present opening. 

Spend subsequent hour in panic after checking party bags and realising that, despite being an accountant, I can't add up and am 5 bags short if all those that didn't RSVP appear at the party later.  

Send hubby on an emergency shopping trip for extra stickers, sweets and treats.  

Get both children dressed, with beautifully brushed hair.  Realise mother in law has arrived and I am still in dressing gown (why am I always last to get chance to get ready?!)

Get dressed and ready. Pack car.  Go to party venue and enjoy the brilliance that is a good party entertainer who provides circus entertainment and, arguably more importantly, balloon swords for duelling, when you have 20 children circa 5-7 years old whose parents have dropped and ran.  

Provide sandwiches, cucumber sticks, carrots and similar party nibbles to all 20 hungry children.  

Grab a couple of carrot sticks and one tiny sandwich for my own lunch from the leftovers.

Dish out party bags and have 5 left due to no shows... (Typical)

Tidy up. 

Take Princess Peppa and her two friends, along with and Little Miss George, Ten Pin Bowling. As if we hadn't already done enough.

Resort to playing a "Teach yourself Spanish" CD in the car just to shut the four children up, since they appear to be louder than 20. 

The CD worked a treat. Maybe they were so surprised by the incongruity they all fell silent!  

Bowl for 2 hours managing to avoid horrific injuries; though a bowling ball was dropped on a toe, and there was more than one falling-over incident.

Crave wine and chocolate. By the bucket load.  Make do with water and lashings of imagination.

Drive Princess Peppa's friends home and return, finally, to our home for present opening (from the party).

Encourage Princess Peppa to open all presents in a calm, controlled way, so that I have time to write down who sent what, for thank you cards.  Luckily she was waning and this was a lovely relaxed time.

Grab a cup of tea and sit down proper for, and I timed it, 18 minutes.

Get up and go out for tea with other friends (4 adults, 5 children).

Control 5 kids in a busy restaurant situation on a Saturday evening without getting punched by other childless diners trying to have a quiet meal.  Though if looks could kill.....

Come home. Put kids to bed. Collapse at 10pm.

And the anecdote?  

During the party, Hubby had to take one of Princess Peppa's male 7 year old friends to the gents.  The young lad was clinging tightly to his balloon sword at the time having been duelling with the other kids. They go to the gents toilets, and my hubby, completely innocently and in a helpful moment, asks, "shall I hold your little sword for you?"

Oh no.

Sometimes it's really really useful to speak in ones head before speaking out loud.

And now... I am off to bed.  I realise I am a fair few blog posts behind at the moment.  Sorry folks.   From holidaying in Majorca, to discovering great websites for clothes and shoes, it's all to come over the next few weeks. 

In the meantime, if you have any birthday party stories to share, let me know. 


(And being extra tired this didn't get published until two days later!)


  1. Wow! That is a seriously busy day! I admire your bravery in fitting three celebrations into the one day. We usually do a family celebration and some sort of party for the kids' friends. But always on separate days!

    1. There is bravery, and then there is stupid. I am thinking the latter! ;-)

  2. Busy day! My daughter always requested her parties be at home because she said it made her feel extra special and she loved helping decorate and greeting her guests at the door in her best party frock. Must admit I had fun dreaming up party ideas and fun games. The last was an ice-cream parlour party and they all came dressed in 1950's style and we played rock'n roll. My hubs and I even dressed up, funny thing he popped a bottle of milk later forgetting he was still looking like Buddy Holly! He didn't know why he was getting such funny looks??? Stacy


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