Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What's the oldest bra you own? Honestly?

I am sat in our lounge watching Top Gear and simultaneously surfing. Its not uncommon these days. Instead of a book on the lap, it's an iPad. A fellow blogger, Natasha at The 1970s Diet, has just pointed me towards her dieting tips on her very fabulous site, one of which is "buy new underwear".

It's definitely something I am considering. My summer weight loss (see the weight loss journey post here) has resulted in my 34E bras becoming somewhat roomy.

Whilst I can happily sit here and start browsing for new bras, the sad fact is that I probably have the size of bra I need hidden somewhere in the bottom of my wardrobe already.

During one particularly memorable sort-out last year I discovered that I had every bra size from a 32DD, via a 34B to a 38D. And did I throw them all out? Yes.

Well, most of them.


But not before I realised that one or two of those bras had been in my wardrobe since I was 19 years old. 19! That means that they were actually 18 years old before I threw them out. 18 years! Eeeuuuwww.

I say eeeeuuuuuwww because there is no way I kept them dust free, perfectly clean and avoided them becoming threadbare in all that time. I've lived in student digs, moved home again, and then moved house twice since. I am just honestly not that domesticated to have wrapped them in tissue paper and surrounded with scented bags.

It's OK, I hear you cry, at least it was just bras.

Er, no.

There were equally old, very much more worn, matching knickers with a few of these bras too.

Have I met some kind of record for keeping underwear for an inappropriately long period of time? Or can you do better?



  1. I could have done, but I feel smug (not something that normally occurs in housekeeping related matters) because I did actually chuck out a whole load of old bras about 4 years ago after I lost a whole load of weight. I didn't keep tabs on how old the ones I chucked were, though...

    1. Well done you. You are right to be smug. Getting that organised is a rare occurence in my world. :-)

  2. Before having kids I had the same bras for ages,but since being measured properly following boobage changes after pregnancy I discovered the number of compliments I get on looking thin when I'm wearing a new bra. Hooking my boobs off my tummy takes lbs off!

    1. Good call. Yes, it's really important to keep getting measured and to wear the right size for now. I just need to remember get rid of my old ill fitting ones! :-)

  3. Why do we keep old bras, knowing we probably will not wear some of them again?


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