Sunday, 18 August 2013

Woolacombe Bay Hotel: A review

If you are looking for a traditional English seaside holiday, with all the good stuff; ice cream, miles of golden sand, rock pools, fish and chips, wind breaks, sandcastles, bat and ball on the beach, crazy golf, and of course a great surfing scene: and if you want it in a stylish location overlooking the beach, in an immaculate hotel, with Spa and indoor pool, Approach Golf course, children's activities and film club* and waitress service to your sun lounger besides the heated Lido, then it's Woolacombe Bay Hotel for you.

We stayed one week. We absolutely loved it.

And we don't even surf.

In one week the children;

  • did a circus workshop and a subsequent show to all the parents,
  • watched 4 films at the nightly (very well organised) film club enabling my hubby and I to eat together, alone, in the restaurant just above,
  • found a bright blue jellyfish in a rock pool...... and various crabs,
  • made sandcastles,
  • played the essential game of bat and ball,
  • met, and stroked, various mini beasts including a cockroach (yes I shivered, and yes I washed their hands after),
  • swam miles in the Lido,
  • visited the famous nearby Coombe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur adventure park for the day, during which we all entered the Meerkat enclosure at feeding time, we all watched a great sea-lion show and later hubby fed the lions,
  • played on the playground,
  • ate in the ice cream parlour,
  • watched me run around pretending to be a chicken in the clown show (the clown certainly saw me coming),
  • played crazy golf, and
  • painted 6 different pieces of pottery at the nearby Waves ceramics at Golden Sands resort.

Meanwhile, my hubby went in the Gym daily and I did a fitness class and had a massage and two facials in the Spa.


We are the sort of family who do loads of activities, but to be fair, all you really need here is a wetsuit and a board! It's the kind of place where you can do as little or as much as you want, and can spend as little or as much as you want.



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