Monday, 26 July 2010

Baby Products - The Best Twin Buggy? A Phil & Ted

I'm still completely in love with my Phil & Ted buggy (with doubles kit!), and I'm starting to mourn it's inevitable loss. My daughters are growing up so fast, I'm fairly sure I won't be able to use it for both of them much longer. I still keep the back seat attached, even when I don't need it for a second child, because, quite frankly, why carry your shopping when it can sit in a seat?

The buggy is our third one. The first was a travel system. Detachable car seat, various seat settings. It was Mothercare's Trenton Deluxe, with glove compartment and temperature gauge. I kid not. It was fantastic. The second was a lightweight basic buggy (for holidays - Mamas n Paps). Then we had a second child, when the first still couldn't walk for very long without lifting her arms up to be carried; have you noticed that they stop even asking to be picked up; they think the arm gesture is enough; and we looked for an appropriate buggy.

The Phil & Ted was the only buggy system for siblings about 2 years apart. A twin buggy, without the twin buggy wheelbase. In fact it's no bigger than most singles.

I love it.

Do you think I could still use it when both of them are too big? Maybe sit a doll in the baby seat and pretend, just so I have space for the shopping!?

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