Monday, 5 July 2010

Nearly a Yummy Mummy! And avoiding tantrums some more!

Feeling much more like a Yummy Mummy this week!

I've rediscovered some clothes that I haven't worn for at least 5 years, but somehow seem to work this summer. I've also topped up my casual collection with a couple of this season's Maxi dresses. It beats Jeans and a dodgy t-shirt...and both dresses are washable for a change! (Monsoon if you're interested!)

I'm off to have my initial fitness test at the Gym tonight. Regular readers will be confused, since I joined the Gym back in January. I did have the initial assessment booked in then, but had to cancel, and as every mummy will know, it takes forever for something that I need to arrange for me to get back up to the top of the to-do list. So I've only just re-booked it. Poor, I know!

I've had to refrain from any alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours before it. I also can't eat for 4-5 hours before. It's booked for 5.30pm. I've done 1 hour already, but won't be able to eat until at least 7.30pm since I'll return home and jump straight into the girls story time routine. Not sure how I'll cope with no food for that long. I'm sure I'll get chocolate withdrawal! I'll let you know how I get on...

Oh.... my feeling of Yummy Mumminess is also down to 'relaxing'. I've been telling myself to chill out this week. Every time I feel the tension building, or hear my voice raising, I am consciously saying the next sentence more slowly and quietly. And taking a deep breath. I've arrived places a little later than I would have liked as a result. It would appear that I can't relax without slowing the pace of everything I do. But I guess I can just leave a little more time. And to be fair, I've not been actually late yet! I've found the best trigger to get me in this calm and happy state of mind is listening to the Crazy Love album by Micheal Buble. There are some great feel good tunes on there!

I haven't been leaving any tips on parenting recently though. I guess my tip for this week is just that; to relax. It seems to keep the children more relaxed and less liable to tantrums.

So take a breath. Pause. Smile to yourself. Hum a tune! Then carry on.

Just make sure the tune isn't something by Metallica. I'm not entirely sure that would lead to the calm quietness I'm thinking of!

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