Saturday, 11 February 2012

Glamorous Nails for Free! Got any Glitter?

Seriously, have you got any glitter?

There are lots of nail art solutions out there.  Beauty parlours that will not just manicure your own nails, but offer an array of different types of false nails, of varying permanency's.
But if you haven't got the spare cash to be throwing around on manicures that; if you are anything like me; chip within half an hour of having them done, then you need an alternative method for beautifying those fingers and adding a bit of glam.   

And so, here is a brilliant tip I picked up this week.  If you have ever fancied doing something a little more glamorous than just painting your nails all one colour, or more exciting than a simple french manicure, well, how about this trick?

Pop on any coloured nail varnish that you happen to have spare, and then (and this is where the magic happens) dip your finger in a pot of glitter.

All those crafters out there will have glitter to hand of course.  And it's a lovely change to be getting out the craft box for glitter for me, not for the children!

A quick top coat, to finish it off, and you are done.

And frankly, beware if you want it to be temporary; as this is a hard wearing solution that is pretty resistant to chips!

What do you think?


  1. What a clever idea! PS I was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award and I’ve just passed it on to you – I really enjoy your blog and wanted to share it!

  2. That looks brilliant! What an ace idea...I have endless trouble with nail-varnish so I am definitely trying that one next time we're going somewhere glamorous.

    Thank you for sharing, you're a genius. :-)

    1. I am indeed..thanks! ;-). I can't take the credit for the idea though. A friend of mine shared it!

      I have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve to try out too, so watch this space.

  3. Thanks for linking this up! A handy wee tip to know.

    1. I enjoy your blog parties. I find some great crafty tips to try; so it's nice to share mine!


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