Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow causes chaos in Britain! Why?

Despite the forecasts predicting the weekend snow all week, and despite it being accurate in our area almost to the hour, chaos seems to have descended in the UK due to a few inches of snow.

Initially I couldn't work out why it has caused such chaos.  Then I realised that many of the problems on the roads aren't due to the snow specifically, but are more accurately attributable to our lack of ability to drive correctly in snow.  Resulting in jackknifed lorries blocking roads all over the place.

How many people know what to do when your wheels start to slide?

How many people know which gear you are supposed to use in icy conditions?

What maximum speed do you think is reasonable in snow and icy conditions?

Unfortunately I think I can predict the answers to these questions for the majority of drivers in the UK.  But why not prove me wrong?  Feel free to add a comment here, or use the hashtag #cannotdriveinsnow on twitter.

How should we drive in snow?  Or should we cancel everything and all stay inside?

Oh, and as an aside, how is the snow causing disruption on the tube?  It's underground....?


  1. I read last year that it is cheaper to shut down and deal with the chaos for a few days every year than it woudl be to create a proper infrastructure to deal with snow. Which is a bit crap.

    I have never driven in the snow and dont intend to start. But as far as I know it's lower gears and low speeds. Brr.

    1. I drive like a hyper paranoid learner driver when it's icy and snowy. Slow right down. But apparently it's higher gears you want, just at as slow a speed as they will cope with (i.e. low revs)

      Thanks for the comment... Brrr is definately the word!

  2. I'm capable of driving in the snow, but I do doubt my car's ability to drive down my road, which is steep and narrow. And it's not the snow itself, it's the ice. Needless to say, I'm fearful for tomorrow morning!

    1. I am hopeful for tomorrow. The main roads around here (Midlands) are pretty clear, and the gritters have been out in force. It's just the back roads that will take some care; assuming they are flat that is; poor you. At least you have a proper excuse to not risk it. ;-)

  3. Where I live on the border with France and Luxembourg driving in the snow is my annual nightmare. Especially when it freezes and becomes even more treachourous (minus 17 here this morning).

    Erm, my tips are: winter tyres - better in cold weather and excellent grip (and a legal requirement here); low gears, but second to start, I have read; keep the speed far lower than you think is necessary; stay away from the car in front; give your engine time to warm up before taking the car out; try not to brake too much else you will skid; if you skid, don't panic and don't rush to the brakes - you shouldn't be going fast enough to do much much damage.

    Finally, make sure your phone is charged up, avoid areas with no coverage as far as is possible and take a blanket and some water. But don't do what I did and leave the water in the car else it will freeze.

    If in doubt, don't. I work from home when the conditions look too dangerous - it's safer for everyone concerned - believe me even though I am sat here writing all those tips down I'm a really crap driver.

    1. Thanks Littleme. Some really good tips there. I sure you aren't as bad as you think. For a start, if you are considering all those things then you are a better driver than some around here, I can assure you! :-)

  4. I guess we are just not used to the snow and are scared of it. The goverment has to invest more money into new machinery!

    1. Oh no! Don't be mentioned something else we need the government to invest in. That means more taxes!


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