Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Extreme close up: attempting photography!

I am not a great photographer.  In fact, on the evidence of previous posts, I am a terrible photographer.  But when I saw that Tara at Sticky Fingers' new Gallery theme was Extreme Close Up.  I felt I had to join in with the challenge.

I took a few pictures of the children, but they just look like I forgot to back away before clicking.  My best attempt of the afternoon is here.

Our magnolia is the only flowering plant in our back garden at the moment, because, after four years in this house we've still only got as far as sorting out the patio, lawn, hedge and a few evergreens and perennials to fill up the space.

Actual flowers haven't got much of a look in yet; making our tree particularly special this spring.

For more extreme close ups, head over to The Gallery.


  1. thats a lovely photo the composition is lovely with the detail of the magnolia then the branches behind and the beautiful blue sky :)

  2. Thank you everyone! I am a little taken back with your lovely comments. I am usually rubbish with a camera, so it's amazing to get such lovely feedback...

    OK. I shall stop commenting before I well up for the second time tonight!

    Thank you all, you lovely lovely people!


  3. That's beautiful! I love Magnolia's.


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