Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How to tell if your egg is stale before cracking it open!

The Egg Freshness Test

We love hard (or soft) boiled eggs in our house.  I hard boil and slice them for salads or sandwiches.  My youngest loves 'dippy egg' with toast soldiers.

But I found it hard to know whether the eggs were fresh enough before I boiled them.  Until I discovered this little tip:

Fill a bowl, or measuring jug with water.
Place the egg carefully in the bowl, on it's side.
Watch carefully.
If the egg tips up onto one end, it is slightly less fresh.  It is good for baking or hard boiling still. The quicker and higher it tilts up the more stale it is.  This is because the air sac inside the egg is very small when it's fresh, but increases in size and eventually very stale eggs would float.

If it sits happily on it's side then you have a lovely egg for lunch.

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