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The Ultimate Britmums Live Linky

I’m going to BritMums Live
Claire at mummy blog "A Boy with Aspergers" is hosting the ultimate Britmums Live Linky.  This is where she gets to set a batch of questions for us to answer in the interests of a bunch of bloggers getting to know each other better.  Britmums Live is a conference, held in June, for British mummy bloggers.  This year will be my first year attending and I am stupidly excited.

I've been blogging here for nearly 3 years now, but have only recently started networking with other bloggers.  It's an interesting learning curve and it's improving the way I blog (I think?  Please let me know if it's not and why!)

So, in order to not feel quite so 'new girl' like when I get there in June I am joining in the Linky.  Here it goes!

Q1.  What's your blog title/url and how long have you been blogging?

I blog at Yummy Mummy? Really? intentionally about how on earth we can still be yummy whilst also being a mummy, but realistically about a whole host of parenting stuff!  I've been doing it since August 2009.

Q2.  Will Britmums Live be your first blogging conference?

YES.  (quivers in the corner)

Q3.  Did you bag yourself a sponsor?

Nope.  I haven't really developed any kind of brand relationships yet, so I'm paying for it myself.  I'm sacrificing some of the shoe budget!  It must be serious!

Q4.  Are you attending both days?

Yes.  Bring it on.

Q5.  What are you most looking forward to about the conference?

Meeting other bloggers in person, that I have so far only chatted with online.  Oh, and hopefully getting lots of tips to ensure this blog provides a great source of entertainment for it's readers!

Q6.  Are you wearing Branded clothing? (your sponsors brand)

Nope.  I refer you to Q3.

Q7.  What is your planned style for this event?

I was thinking probably smart.  I'm a big fan of tailoring, so maybe trousers and my favourite Ted Baker top.  Now there's a brand I wouldn't mind working with... hint hint!  (Tried to link to the top but it's last season, so no longer on their website... sorry folks!  It'll have to be a surprise.)

Q8.  Are you hoping to be nominated for a Brilliance in Blogging (BiB) Award?

I was, but unfortunately the nominations are now closed, and I wasn't.  If anyone is surprised by this, please feel free to rectify matters by clicking on the Mad Blog Awards nominations link instead over to the right!

Q9.  If so, what category?

See Question 8.  Perhaps Family Fun?  Not sure I quite qualify for Fashion and Beauty!

Q10.  Will you be looking to network with Brands?

It would be nice.  I'd love to work with a couple of beauty product brands, and maybe be able to offer some giveaways and competitions on the blog.

Q11.  What do you hope to walk away with, having gained from the conference?

An improved understanding of how to provide the best blog I can to my readers.

Q12.  Will you be dressing up in the toilet for the Friday night BiBs?

Now here's an area in which I excel.  Short time frame; no space; limited access to working hairdryers.  I can definitely get ready in those circumstances.  I'll have everything I need in my special Mary Poppins bag, including a gorgeous non-crease frock and killer heels.

Yeah right!

Q13.  Are you speaking at the conference, and if so, when, where, and how do you feel about doing so?

Not officially.  I suspect I won't stop talking though.

Q14.  Will you be joining the early morning bloggercise on Saturday?

Let me think about this?  Get out of bed earlier than is necessary on the one night of the year I don't have children walking me up at the crack of dawn?  I don't think so!

Q15.  What speakers are you most looking forward to listening to?

Nickie at I am Typecast.  She's been really helpful and I can't wait to hear what she has to share.

Q16.  What workshops will you be attending on the Friday (day 1)?

No idea.  I still can't decide.  Can I clone myself and attend them all?

Q17.  What workshops being held on the Saturday have grabbed your attention?

See Question 16!

Q18.  Are you booked into a hotel for the Friday night?  If so which one?

I am!

Q19.  Will you be looking for after party drinks?

Who's paying?  I am a Northerner you know!

Q20.  Are you worried about not knowing anyone, or being confident and socialising on the day?

I did a Performing Arts Degree.  What do you think?

Q21.  What are you most likely to be found doing whilst attending Britmums Live?

Drinking coffee and eating biscuits.  There will be some, won't there?


The rules say I now need to tag three more people; so here it goes:

Luci at Mother. Wife. Me. 
Trish at Mums Gone to
Susannah at A Modern Mother  (because although I thought she''d have already have done this.. she hasn't yet!?)

I absolutely understand if you aren't able to take part for whatever reason ladies.  If you can, then you'll need to click here to add your Meme to the main Linky!  Regardless, I will look forward to hopefully meeting you all at the conference!


  1. What a great idea! I'm moving back to the UK in April after living overseas and am missing some of the big conferences over here. Perhaps I'll have to look in to going to this one. Sounds like you're going to have a ball :)

  2. I hope so! I am really looking forward to it.

    Maybe I'll see you there!


  3. oooo this sounds like fun! I bet you can't wait :)

    1. So excited I think I'll be overexcited and peak too early! Will obviously be sharing about it on the blog after.



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