Friday, 4 May 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

My children make me laugh every day.  Every day.  They see the world differently and it shows when they express themselves.  From their view of public sector strikes, to their innocent mispronunciations, it can be anything from enlightening to downright embarrassing.

At the moment my younger, at 3 years old, is starting to understand the concept of 'teasing'.  Mainly, I expect, because her father is a great 'teaser' and is often winding the girls up.

Yesterday, after I'd asked the girls to head upstairs to brush their teeth for bed; and I'd asked twice; she stopped, half way up the stairs.  She sat herself down and her bottom lip inched out.

"Mummy, I don't like you anymore"  she said.
"Oh, why not love?"  I said, wondering if I'd raised my voice more than I thought (I hadn't)
"You always tell us what to do.  I don't want you to be my mummy anymore".

Now at this point my heart was throbbing from the knife stabbed through it.

"Oh love!"  I exclaimed "It wouldn't be very nice if you didn't have a mummy would it?"
"Daddy will look after us" she responded.  The lip was still out and she was looking very coy, though I didn't notice it at the time I was too busy trying not to cry myself.
"Oh" I said.

And then; with timing only a 3 year old could possess, she looked up through those long eyelashes and said, sweet as pie, "It's alright Mummy.  I'm only teasing."

You can imagine it can't you.

And so, I thought it would be nice to bring together other mummy blogger's posts sharing the words of wisdom that our children provide us with.  Here it is; the "Out of the mouths of babes" link up.  Hopefully lots of my lovely fellow mummy bloggers will join up (instructions below) and add their links to the list below.  Have fun reading them!  The aim is to do this every month.  Let's see how it goes!


1.  Grab my button and paste it at the top or bottom of your post, to enable readers to get back to the main list.  (Please let me know if the code doesn't work.  It's the first time I've tried this!)


2.  Publish your post on your blog.
3.  Add your post URL to the Linky tool below and watch your post appear as if by magic to the main list.

Thanks for sharing!


  1. I couldn't get the linky thing to work - but thats not to say it doesn't as I am new to blogging. I have linked back to your page though so i hope that is ok.

    1. That's great! Thank you. Great addition to the list. I've commented on your blog.

      Also; yes, the button appears to be causing trouble. If anyone can see what is wrong with the code - please let me know!

    2. Finally worked the button out - there was a box ticked that wasn't interpreting the html - I am getting there slowly!

    3. Oh brilliant. Well done & thanks.

  2. Great idea! My son's latest is, "my trumps are my friends".

    1. Nice! One wonders what games he would play with those friends? Eek! :-)

  3. Lovely linky idea - it's great to have a record of some of the things they say.
    Had a problem with the button (I'm sure it's me and not the button) so have linked to you at the bottom of the post.

    1. Thank you. You are not the only one! I am sooo new to this button business!

  4. Ah the old 'I don't like you anymore'. At least yours was a tease! I was somewhat relieved when I found out that others were told this by their Cherubs too!
    My very own 3yr old Darling Daughter more often than not doesn't like me and she doesn't like kisses from me either, oh yeah and when I asked her if she wanted Mummy or Daddy to work and would she like Mummy or Daddy to stay at home and look after her she took great delight in telling me I was to go to work and Daddy was to stay at home.
    I'm new to blogging too but I will give this links thing a try, if I fail this time I'll try again next time.

    1. You managed it alright! Thanks for joining in. I am hoping to run the round-up each month, so feel free to join us in future months too.


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